My Hot Date Tonight- 1000 Documents.

I’ve got a hot date tonight with 1,000 documents, but while I’m waiting for a technical issue to get resolved, I thought I’d come post a few things here. 

1- The Martha Stewart Tall Show was kiiiiiiiinda lame.  It was on yesterday and I DVR’d it.  Spending half the episode on a “tall” 6’2″ man chef baking a “tall cake”?   Seriously, Martha?  Super lame.  I even love cake more than the average person, and I still thought it was lame.   Still wish I could have been there and met some fellow tall ladies though. 

2- I suddenly don’t like Starbucks anymore.  I just burned out on it I suppose.  Part of it is that the price of Starbucks has exceeded the happiness it brings me.  The cost keeps going up, and my satisfaction with the overall starbucks experience keeps going down.  Plus, I get free coffee at work.  I used to think Starbucks was better than the work coffee, so I would still go to Starbucks on the way in… not anymore.  As I posted on Facebook today, it’s a strange, new era in my life. 

3- How lame is it that I am kind of excited about my plans this weekend to (1) get my 15,000 mile service on my car; and (2) buy some new pots and pans?  How has my life come to this?  On a scale of 1-10, how lame does that make me?  Don’t tell me.

4- Environmental “low pressure” toilets.  I wonder if, when considering the fact that you have to flush the toilet three times to get everything to go down, the whole “low pressure” idea still helps the environment at all?  At work, everytime I walk into the bathroom, 1-4 of the available 4 toilets are not properly flushed, because people flush once and don’t look back.  I thought we just had crappy toilets (pun not intended), but it turns out they are “environmental low flush toilets.”  So now, after me thinking for MONTHS that we needed to have some powow and either (a) fix the toilets; or (b) tell the women on my floor to learn to flush properly, these signs are suddenly in all of the stalls advising us of how environmental our toilets are and how we need to flush properly.   I would like to see studies on whether 3 flushes with a low flush toilet = more environmental than a regular flush with a regular toilet.  (And not to be a capitalist jerk, but what is the value of the time spent flushing 2 more times?)

5- I need to find someone to pay to make me clothes. 

6- I also need to find someone to pay to clean my apartment.

7- I need to find a job where I make a lot more money, so I can afford 5 & 6.

Theeeee eeeeend. 

Oh, and bonus #8

I am currently sitting at home on my work computer, fully logged into the office (phones and everything) and I am able to review thousands of documents for one of our cases online.   No flying across the country to flip through boxes in Nowhere, USA.  No, I get to sit on my couch and “flip through” virtual boxes.   I ❤ Technology.


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