Crazy Events of My Life.

I started writing a detailed post about my weekend and got off on a tangent that I do not have the energy to complete at this time, so I decided to save that one for later and start over with a shorter, sweeter update about my weekend.

(1)  Friday night at 6:15pm I was invited to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara with my friend Lindsey and her parents.  It was an amazing, relaxing experience at her parent’s beautiful home in Montecito and the weather was FANTASTIC!   Saturday, I woke up to coffee and bagels on the porch with Lindsey’s dad (beautiful weather outside and view of the ocean/Santa Cruz Island), then we went out on their boat and had lunch out on the ocean, then Lindsey and I got pedicures in town, and then sat out on the porch again with wine and cheese and crackers as the sun went down, and then we went to dinner at a delicious restaurant called Kava.    All of that was just one day!  Fabulous, right?

(2) Sunday night I already had plans to see the Harlem Globetrotters with a friend.   I got tickets for free from work so I thought, why not?  My only knowledge of the globetrotters was spinning basketballs.   As it turns out, it’s really just an entertaining thing for kids and I was in a suite full of roudy children who were offspring of employees of the other company we share our box with.   My friend CJ and I stayed for a few quarters and were mildly entertained, and finally decided to leave and go get dinner.   It totally reminded me of this time in Barcelona when my friend Becky and I went to see the Olympic Stadium and there was some sort of huge kid convention there, and we found ourselves in the middle of a crowd of children and their parents in front of a stage while a spanish version of The Wiggles did their thing.  Craziness.

(3) This morning, as I was walking home from Starbucks, a bird pooped on my foot.  Like, diarrhea pooped.  So disgusting.  In between gagging, I actually found it somewhat humorous, and ultimately I was glad the bird didn’t get my head this time.


One thought on “Crazy Events of My Life.

  1. A bird pooped on my hand a couple of months ago. So gross!

    Spanish version of the Wiggles, hahahaha. That’s awesome. Santa Barbara sounds like it was perfect, sometimes you just need one of those relaxing weekends, and being by the water makes it even better!

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