Mother Nature Did Not Help a Tall Girl Out… Neither Did United Airlines, American Airlines, the State of New York, Obama… You Get the Idea.

Sadly, my trip to New York did not work out.   Shortly after I made my last post, I logged into my gmail to see a notice that my flight had been cancelled.  3 hours later (!!), the following had been accomplished: (1) united booked me on an american airlines flight, leaving at the same time, which sounded fishy to me, so I called American and (2) American informed me the flight was cancelled, and that I’d have to call United back, and (3) United said they couldn’t do anything for me and refunded my ticket.   Nearly 3 hours of hold time, just to have about 5 minutes total of “talking to a human being” time, only to be told in the end that there was no hope for Mission Martha Stewart Show. 

The bad news of course is that I don’t get to go and I am so, so, sooooooo bummed.   The good news is that United also gave me a $400 voucher for use at a different time (when they put me on an AA flight that didn’t have economy plus), and even though my hotel was nonrefundable (and more than $400 total), they gave me a 3 month credit.  So, basically I need to find a time to go to NYC in the next 3 months… and maybe find a friend to go to!  It will be cheaper this time, because I won’t be buying a last minute flight (my refunded ticket was $650), and I have that extra $400 travel voucher.   So at least it’s not alllll bad.  Just like 98% bad 😉

In related news, if I have to hear one more minute of hold music anytime soon, I might hurt someone or myself.  After that hold music marathon on Tuesday, I was buuuurned out.  And yesterday I had to call the legal research people for something and they put me on hold for a total of about 35 minutes.  I was seething in my chair.  It wasn’t their fault, I couldn’t take my anger out on them, but I was keenly aware as I sat in my seat that I was about to blow a gasket (if that’s possible) from sitting on hold so much.  I’m having a problem with my work computer too, but I cannot bear to sit on hold with the computer people while they try to figure out the problem.  My computer will have to wait for my “ability to handle hold music energy tank” to refill a little bit. 

On a related note, you know what I also can’t stand?  Those automatic prompts!   Trying to get through to United when a billion other people were also calling in meant the place where you get the hold music was too full, and I had to call back and go through all the prompts again 5 or 6 times before I finally reached the hold music, where I then waited for 50 minutes, to talk to a person I could barely understand for 2 minutes.   Twice.   Brutal.  I totally deserved that $400.


One thought on “Mother Nature Did Not Help a Tall Girl Out… Neither Did United Airlines, American Airlines, the State of New York, Obama… You Get the Idea.

  1. my hearing is bad enough that I can’t use a phone. when I’m in the US I give this to people who are friendly enough to call companies for me. It gets you to a real human quickly

    I don’t know if you’ve seen Central Park in full Spring, but it is amazing.

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