Business Cards Anyone? + Mandarin Oriental Bar/Hotel Las Vegas.

So… very few people probably read my blog for its general content (ie whatever it is I choose to write about on  the particular days  I have time to do more things than work, eat, and sleep), but apparently people DO happen upon my blog for specific content (such as the Martha Stewart Show, my travel adventures to particular countries, and my warning about the windows at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, just to name a few.)

So I just wanted to share two little reviews from my weekend here (non ear related ;)):

(1) If you happen to need business cards, FedEx Office has cheap, easy business cards (formerly known as FedEx Kinkos, but they still do the kinkos stuff… don’t let the name change fool you!).  I started a new job in November, and currently still waiting on my first round of professional business cards, but I have already been asked for a business card on multiple occasions.   Due to my upcoming trip to New York (on Wednesday!), I figured it might be a good time to have some business cards on hand so I can easily give my contact info to all the fabulous fellow tall people I’m about to meet.   I went into a FedEx Office store on Decatur in Las Vegas, and for $28.95 I had 100 very professional looking business cards in a few short hours.  There is a very simple form to fill out and you can choose between around 10 standard layouts.  If you just do standard black and white (I had my firm name in color), the same batch will only cost you $18.95.  Brilliant!  It made me regret not getting business cards sooner, even pre-profession.  It makes me want to tell all of my small-business friends, and even non-business friends, to go to FedEx and get some business cards!   I am a big fan of things that are simple, and cheap… and getting business cards made via your local FedEx Office store is just that!

(2) If you happen to be in Vegas, and would like to have a classy afternoon or evening with a fantastic view of the strip, I would like to recommend the bar at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel at City Center on the strip.  If you’re a tea time person, they have a fantastic afternoon tea in the lobby from 3pm-5pm (on the 23rd floor) so you can sip tea and eat crumpets to your heart’s content while overlooking the strip.  You might want to call ahead for a reservation though.  It’s not required, but tea time gets busy!  If you are Lounge/Bar/Meet-for-drinks-in-the-evening person, they have an amazing bar, also on the 23rd floor.  It’s not a club/meet new people atmosphere, it’s just a laid back, enjoy the view and conversation with your friends kind of atmosphere (sans obnoxious drunk people everywhere, which I really like).  Personally, I like the view even better than the Mix Lounge, and you don’t have to pay a cover to get in (the drinks are similarly priced to the Mix Lounge aka expensive… but considering the lack of cover, the experience, the ambience, and the view, it’s totally worth it!).   Plus, all the staff are AMAZING!  The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Lobby is my new favorite place to recommend to people who are going in Vegas! 

And that’s all I have for now in the realm of recommendations.  Enjoy random internet google searchers! 😉


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