Ten on Tuesday.

From RootsAndRings.

I would like to apologize in advance if some of my answers to the questions below sound cranky/angsty.  I am not in a cranky/angsty mood, but for some reason my answers kept kind of coming out that way.  Mainly, a lot of the questions touch on issues that I have a lot of thoughts about.  And they’re thoughts that don’t lend themselves to my usual humor/storytelling, and thoughts that would take more time to address than a quick answer to a survey question.  However, I really like some of these questions, and may at some point answer them more fully in individual posts 🙂

1. What is your favorite travel destination spot?
Generally, my answer is “somewhere new.”   I LOVE seeing new places.  When I lived in Europe for a semester, I was actually a little bummed when a friend from the States flew to visit me, and she wanted to go to Paris and I had already been to Paris.  (I actually ended up loving Paris even more the second time, so the trip was totally worth it… but it doesn’t change the fact that my desire was to only go to new places).  My absolute favorite places to visit are either (1) places with a lot of history; or (2) places with a lot of natural beauty.   If I could go ANYWHERE right now, I’d pick Italy/Greece or Australia/New Zealand.   Never been, but both sets of places win on both of my qualifications 🙂

2. Cats vs. Dogs.
This is a difficult question.  I don’t hate cats, but I don’t personally want to own one, and I do find it a little odd when people have a ton of cats and treat them like little humans.  I recently saw 5 minutes of Martha Stewart where everyone in the audience brought their cats on the show, and they were sitting there with the cats in their laps petting them throughout the show.  No offense cat lovers, but that was kind of creepy. I definitely prefer dogs myself.  However, if I am visiting a friend’s house, and the choice is a misbehaved dog or a cat…. I’d probably wish my friend had the cat.

3. Do you believe in fate?
Not really in the typical sense of the word.  And even as a Christian, I am not entirely sure in the “destiny/God is in control” sense of the word.  I do believe God has a plan for everyone, but He has also given us free will and ultimately we’re all human and we make our own choices.   But really this is too deep of an issue to get into on a Ten on Tuesday for me 😉   Maybe the subject of another blog post someday.

4. Do you believe in karma?
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) no.

5. Everyone has a unique laugh. Do you like yours?
I have two somewhat unique laughs.   The most common one is that I tend to snort when I laugh.  If I REALLY, really, REALLY find something funny, sometimes I get stuck laughing and can’t stop, and before long I start laughing in a certain way that can be best described as a “barking seal.”

6. Is love really all you need?
No.  I am actually a firm believer (and prime example) of that whole “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” thing.   I must have an adequate amount of food, water, and sleep (the basic level of needs) or I cannot function as a human being.  And I don’t mean that in the obvious sense that we all need food, I mean that in the I will lose my mind and freak out on people and be likely to cry for no apparent reason sense.   I don’t really have concerns about Love (from friends, family, or God) when I’m hungry or tired.  I have concerns about food or sleep.  That whole “at least somebody loves  me” business doesn’t work for me, unless that person who loves me plans on giving me a candybar, pronto.

7. What’s your take on the whole 2012 scare?
The whole “mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012, therefore the world ends, therefore we’re all going to die” thing?  I have a couple of takes on it.   (1)  According to the Bible, no man knows the day when the world will end.  Based on that, I kind of think it’s not going to happen;  (2)  Did you ever see that book “88 reasons why the world is going to end in 1988” or something similar?; (3) Apparently scholars of the Mayans say there is nothing to indicate the end of their calendar means the actual end of the world; and (4) Not to be depressing, but anyone can die at any moment, and we don’t have control over it.  Why worry about 2012 when we don’t even know if we have tomorrow?  So, instead of worrying about, you have to focus on the now and try to not take anything for granted.  [I say all of this despite the fact that I have actually freaked out a tiny bit about this possibility]

8. If you won a million dollars and had to give it all away, who would you give it to? (Family and friends not included.)
I would donate it to charities who build schools and clean water wells in underdeveloped countries.  I am already planning on donating to both of those causes this year.  However, most likely not on the million-dollar scale this year 😉

9. Do you believe in God/religion/the power of prayer?
Yes 🙂

10. What New Year’s Resolution do you always make but never keep?
I don’t actively write it down as a resolution, but I always think I will FINALLY get in a good work out/healthy eating routine.   Still haven’t done that yet, at least not in a way that has managed to stick for more than a month or two 😦


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