On Using the Stairs.

I am tremendously out of shape.   This morning, my walk to work (yes, I’m voluntarily in the office on a saturday) nearly KILLED me.  In L.A., a good chunk of the financial district is uphill from the rest of downtown, which means when I walk to work, it’s a hike uphill.  However, on weekdays there is an escalator on one of the uphill blocks, so it’s not so bad.  But on weekends, the escalator is off, and you have to walk up a flight of stairs almost the length of a city block.  I really thought my heart was going to give out by the time I made it to the top step.  

Then, I got in the elevator to go to my building, and there was a sign on the screen that said “Take the stairs…” and I thought it was one of those environmental notices about how it saves energy to take the stairs and I thought, “there is no way in . . . that I am going to walk up 50 flights of stairs!”  Turns out the sign was referring to fire safety, and I am not expected to walk 50 flights for the environment.   PHEW!  However, when I’m in the office and I’m only going up or down a couple of floors, I usually take the stairs instead of the elevator.   This has two benefits:  (1) saves energy; and (2) waiting for the elevators is ANNOYING.  I suspect I care more about #2, because I am a very impatient girl at heart, and almost anything that requires me waiting = not worth it to me.   It’s sad, and perhaps I need some counseling or a life coach, but that is an issue for another day.  However, if I am going up or down a few flights of stairs to meet a PARTNER (unless it is a certain environmental partner), I generally will take the elevator because it doesn’t make the best impression when I show up to a partner’s office huffing and puffing like I just sprinted a half marathon and I’m like “No, actually I just took the stairs instead of the elevator.” and the partner is like “Isn’t that only one floor down?”  Awkward!

Anyway, I am at work right now so I suppose I should get to it.

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