Some (REALLY) Quick Takes.

Note: this is basically all about Thursday.


I had a ROUGH day at work on Thursday. Details not appropriate blog material, but it was ROUGH.


In the midst of the rough day, I had a little milestone.  I served a set of discovery requests (completely drafted by me), on the opposing party in one of my pro bono cases.    I felt very accomplished.


I never realized that my college Spanish would come into play so much in my future career.  I really need to brush up on my Spanish.   On Thursday I also received a letter, written in Spanish, related to one of my other pro bono cases.   (After drafting and sending a letter in Spanish a few weeks ago.  I am corresponding in Spanish and I’m not even what I would consider fluent.  Crazy!)


After work, I went to dinner at Nick & Steph’s (a steakhouse in downtown L.A.) for dinner with some coworkers.   I’ve never had to pay when I have eaten there in the past.  Holy canoli that place is expensive when you are the one paying!   Speaking of paying, when it came time to pay, I realized that I left both my wallet and my badge/key card up in my office.  So, not only did I not have money to pay, I didn’t have any identification to get back into the building so I could go back to my office and get my wallet afterward.   Fail!  Luckily, my friend Zathrina paid for me.


After dinner, Zathrina and I had tickets to Maazel Conducts Bruckner at the Disney Concert Hall.   One of the partners at our firm had tickets and couldn’t go, and gave them to us for free.   The seats were AMAZING!  We were right in the center of Stage Level Row B.   I’ve been to the Disney Concert hall before, but my seat was way up in the highest balcony.    There wasn’t an intermission, but the time just flew by.    Sitting so close was mesmorizing!


After the performance, Zathrina took me back to the office and got my wallet and badge for me, so I could pay her back, and so I’d be able to get in the building the next day.   On the way out, I hit my car on a pole in the parking garage 😦   Luckily, it looks like just some paint from the pole came off on my car and I should be able to get it buffed out.


Since I was out on Thursday night, I missed the premiere of The Deep End (a new show on ABC about first year associates at a Big Law firm).   I expected it to be terrible and not at all like real life, and not to last long.   Last night I watched the first episode online, and my expectations proved for the most part to be true.   However, I have to admit that the episode was a liiiiiiiittle like my day on Thursday.   So I actually found it mildly amusing and a bit therapeutic.