7 Quick Takes.


The whole “post your bra color as your facebook status” thing kind of annoys me.  I think the idea is brilliant—everyone is posting random colors as their facebook status, and then people who don’t know what it is are like “whaat?” and then someone says, “Tah dah! It’s breast cancer awareness month! (Be aware that breast cancer exists!)”  However, this would be a much more helpful venture if people actually took that revelation and thought, hmmm, maybe I should be checking myself regularly.  But unfortunately, this seems to be a case of good idea in theory not working out so much in practice.  To me it seems like most people just get caught up in the fun of getting to post their bra color on facebook and the cuteness of confusing all your friends who don’t know what the color is about.  I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows that breast cancer exists.  So, what are we doing about? Are we just going to talk about our bra colors (which last I checked, won’t cure cancer), or are we going to REALLY do something about it?  


On a less soapbox note, yesterday the thought crossed my mind, “Am I neurotic?”   I’m not even sure what that word means, and I should just look it up.  But here’s why I thought it:  there are certain thoughts that always cross mind.  For example, every time I walk into a women’s bathroom, for a split second I panic that I’ve walked into the Men’s bathroom.  Even if I double checked the sign, even if I see there are no men or urinals in sight, even if I’ve used the exact same bathroom for months or years.  Technically, this one’s not a fair example because I actually have, on more than one occassion, including recently, waltzed into a Men’s bathroom.   Other examples?  Every time I send an email or text for a split second I panic that I’ve sent it to the wrong person.  Sent a joke with a smiley face meant for my friend Stephanie to a random partner at the firm, texted a personal, girly detail about myself meant for a girl friend to a random male coworker.  No matter how many times I check the to and from lines, I always panic that I’ve messed up and will embarrass myself.   Whenever I set my alarm, I check it like 5 times to make sure it’s actually set. I’m always really paranoid that somehow I didn’t set it or didn’t set it right and I’m not going to wake up in time.  Every time I go into a public bathroom and I go to hang my purse on the little hook on the back of the door, I remember this episode of Oprah I saw BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL that talked about people who lurk in bathrooms and steal purses while you are pulling out the toilet seat cover.  I always think of the episode, EVERY time I go into a bathroom stall.  So then I think about putting my purse on the floor, and I remember this episode of Dateline from 10 years ago where they said the bathroom floor is actually the dirtiest place in public restrooms.  Where to put the purse then?  I continue to wear it on my shoulder.  Nice, right?  Ok I’m going to stop there.   Really random tangent.  Maybe paranoid and OCD are better terms to describe me?


Remember my whole “omg Starbucks” post a few days ago?  Well, it turns out that Starbucks is not stupid like I thought, and they do realize they can’t just stop honoring their contracts.  I found a place on their website that said they were still honoring the cards until their expiration date, printed it, highlighted it, and marched it back down to the Starbucks.  The barista who told me my card was void wasn’t there, but the manager (who also thought my card was void) read the paper and tried my card, and in fact, my card actually works.  So, no class action against Starbucks just yet 😉


I am drafting some documents for a pro bono case I’m working on that are actually going to be filed with a court.  My name is in the caption!  My name, my bar number, my work address and phone number, and “Attorney for Petitioner.”  I am actually an attorney for a petitioner.  Can you believe it?  (Yes, Michelle.  You graduated law school, passed the bar, and have a job as an associate attorney of a law firm.  Not a far fetch that you are an attorney.  We already know that.)  It still hasn’t really, really sunk in.  Bear with me while I get excited over lame things like captions 😉


Yesterday, I discovered the world of vegan food blogs.  Oh my goodness!  The blogs are tempting me to just go full on vegan instead of just vegetarian weaning toward vegan.  Why not?  I’m at least going to start trying the recipes and see how it goes!  I also read yesterday that a vegan bakery has opened up in downtown L.A.  It’s in the slightly sketchy area that I prefer not to venture into (especially after my run in with a possible pimp/drug dealer), but I would really like to check it out! 


I reeeeeaally need to clean my apartment.  It’s such a mess.  I’m not even super busy at work yet and my apartment is already falling apart.   This is why I should be looking for a maid soon. 


I am really, really hoping to go hiking in L.A. this weekend.  And I am hoping it will be one of many times and I will start getting out more.  And not like that one time where Adam and Krissi hiked once in Malibu Canyon (5 minutes from our apartment) in January shortly after we moved in, and I thought I would go hiking all the time, and then we didn’t hike again until Adam and I needed a break from finals studying in May.  (and I haven’t been hiking since). 


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes.

  1. I went to law school with the girl who writes/owns/whatever Happy Herbivore – a lot of her recipes are non-vegetarian/vegan friendly too! She use to live in the LA area so email her, I’m sure she can suggest LOTS of places to eat!

  2. it’s TOTALLY ok to get excited about things like the caption. That IS really exciting!!

    When I got my first business card I got so excited, even though the title on it was “Administrative Assistant” haha. I now am on my second card “Professional Assistant” and I was just thinking the other day how excited I’m going to be when I get my first post-MBA-“real job” business cards! The fact that I have an office with my name on the door is also thrilling, even if it is actually a file room that we “converted” (added a desk to) into an office for me.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone!! I still haven’t received my business cards yet.. but it will be my first time having a card and I’m definitely excited about that!! 🙂

      Also, I used to have an office that was a desk in a file room, and I was just excited it was “my office” although there was no name on the door. My current office does have my name on the door though…. and a window! ❤

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