Oops I did it again in 2010?

No offense to people who actually like “cute” little rhyming slogans, but one of my biggest pet peeves about each new year is the newest rhyming little saying that people make up as a motto for the new year.  “Make it great in 2008!”  Seriously… uggg.   I’m kind of not a fan of slogans in general.  For example, I haaaate “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.”  No, in fact, every kiss does NOT begin with Kay.  You’re dumb, Kay Jewelers!  But my dislike of slogans is not the topic of this post 😉  I just wanted to throw that out there. 

I feel like the last several years of my life have been a bit of a vaccuum.  I have had some amazing experiences, and some completely awful experiences, but on the whole I kind of felt like my life was “on hold” until I finished law school and then “real life” would begin.   Why I didn’t consider my years while I was in law school to be “real life” I am not entirely sure, and it’s a bit too late to care.   The reasons why may be the topic of another post, but the point for now is that law school is over now, and I suppose it’s time for that thing called Real Life.

I have always had a bit of a problem with Living in the Now.  I’m always looking ahead to the next goal I’m going to accomplish.  The next milestone.  As a result, I tend to miss enjoying much of all these days that fly by in the meantime.  I don’t want to do that again.   I want to enjoy the people and places around me and not just let time fly by as I sleep, eat, work, and repeat. 

With that in mind, there are a lot of things that I have always said I would do “in the future”, and the future is now.  Here are some things I want to accomplish in 2010 (taken from my 30 in 3 list):

1) Pay for at least one clean water well for a village in an impoverished country.  (The church I’ve been going to in L.A. has a program for this where they raise money through donations and sales of bottled water.  If I remember correctly, one well costs about $3,000.  I feel challenged to pay for all of one myself)

2) Sponsor 3 Charities.  (I have always said I would sponsor charities once I had a “real job” and now I have a real job.  I’ve already signed up for one charity (a program through my law school) and will be looking into two more)

3) Bake Vegan Cookies.  (I would like to learn to bake multiple kinds. Yum!)

4) Learn how to cook things with Tofu  (I had a deeeeelicious tofu chopped salad at work the other day.  Tofu is actually really yummy people).

5) Hike at least 6 times this year.  (I love hiking, and I have only been hiking 2 or 3 times in the 3.5 years I’ve lived in Southern California.   There are so many amazing trails here!  I always tell myself I’m too busy, but getting out in nature is one of my favorite things, and one of the easiest ways to “be in the now” so to speak.  I need to make a conscious effort to hike more!)

6) Finally finish my photo book from my months in Europe.  (It’s been over a year now.)

7) Finally publish my blog from my time in Europe (in book form for myself).

8.) Do something thoughtful for someone else every day for 30 days.  (I’m thinking of starting this soon.  If not sooner, probably February 1.  This is a somewhat selfish venture.  I have a problem with being positive and grateful lately, and I did something similar in the past and it really helped bring me out of my crappy attitude, and it was really nice for the other people). 

9) *   I am really tempted to add “Visit a new country” to my goals for 2010 also… but I’m not sure how it will work out timingwise given that I’m a first year attorney and I don’t have much control over my time.  Ideally, if I could make it happen, I would either want to hit Germany and Italy (the two countries I missed while in Europe that I’m upset about the most); or “kill two birds with one stone” and go to Australia so I get a new continent AND a new country in one 🙂

The end, for now 🙂


4 thoughts on “Oops I did it again in 2010?

  1. Your goals are great!

    I was thinking about you yesterday because I have found a consulting company that I am going to apply for a job at that is based in LA (or the office I want to apply to is there, anyway). I’m super excited about it although I probably shouldn’t be because I don’t even know if they are actually hiring, let alone if they’d hire me! Anyway, if by some miracle I get a job there (or anywhere else in LA) I want to hike too, so if I’m living in LA I’ll be your hiking buddy!

    The texture of tofu creeps me out!

    • Come on over!! 🙂

      The texture of tofu has always freaked me out too. And honestly, it’s a bit of a dangerous game when it comes to eating tofu for me, because sometimes particularly soft tofu tastes mushy to me and I hate it. But when it’s firmer and cooked with sauces or a coating to give it more flavor and better texture, I like it!

  2. 3) Bake Vegan Cookies. (I would like to learn to bake multiple kinds. Yum!)

    4) Learn how to cook things with Tofu (I had a deeeeelicious tofu chopped salad at work the other day. Tofu is actually really yummy people).

    Check out http://www.happyherbivore.com for recipes 🙂

    • Ooooo thank you for the blog recommendation! It has sent me on an obsessive vegan cooking blog search. Love it!! Just seeing the plethora of blogs and recipes is almost convincing me to go full vegan and not just vegetarian-weaning-toward-vegan. 😮

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