I failed at Christmas re-capping, we’ll see how New Years Resolutions go.

Although I forgot to finish recapping my Christmas weekend, I do want to mention a few fun things we did for reviews sake.   On Christmas Day, after my brother Will had to leave in the morning to go back home, my mom and I walked down to L.A. Live to get lunch and see a movie.   Lunch ended up being more fun than expected because there was a Lakers game Christmas day.  So we sat out on the patio at the Yard House and ate our lunch while we watched Lakers fans walking by headed to the Staples Center.  Excellent people watching! 

The day after Christmas, Will came back, and we went shopping at a new shopping area I discovered by accident the weekend before.  In Glendale, there is a shopping area called The Americana which is really similar to The Grove.  It’s a really cute outdoor shopping area, and it’s right next to a mall with lots of indoor shopping available as well.   Back when I was younger, I LOVED day-after-Christmas shopping.  But this year, I realized that I have either become to old or just too impatient to put up with shopping on big sale days.   I don’t like crowds, I don’t like lines, I don’t like people being in my way… Clearly, shopping at high shopping times is not a good idea for me.   I’m thinking I may be converting to a solely-online-shopper very soon. 

After the shopping madness, we went home and watched a lot of movies (Sahara; Oceans Eleven; and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles) and I made the fam one of my frequent vegan dinners- some organic wheat pasta with tofurkey italian sausages 🙂   Technically, it was basically the only food I had in the house except for Christmas cookies, fudge, and some almonds, so it’s not like there were a lot of choices. 

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The day after the day after Christmas (follow that?)  my mom and I ventured out into the shopping world again, and this time I got a new rug for my living room.  I’ve had this cheap IKEA rug for awhile that I HATED.  I would seriously stare at it and feel angry.   But good rugs are expensive, and I hadn’t found the perfect rug to invest in yet.   I still didn’t quite invest in a “good rug” (I bought a cream shag rug from target for about $70), but it really transformed my living area!  It looks so much better!  I don’t have the pictures here in Vegas but I’ll have to post some soon.  My mom bought me two IKEA lamps for Christmas which we set up too, and with just those simple additions (the rug and the lamps) my living room looks so much better!  ‘

On to New Years, rather than creating new resolutions for the year, I’m going to pick some items off my “30 in 3” list that I want to accomplish in 2010.  A post about that to come later!


2 thoughts on “I failed at Christmas re-capping, we’ll see how New Years Resolutions go.

  1. Christmas was fun and shopping with you is one of my favorite things to do. If we still lived in the same state, I would want to go shopping every weekend!

    • I like shopping with you too… I just think my shopping experiences will from now on be limited to (1) when I’m with you; and (2) when it is not one of the top shopping days of the year 😉

      Of course, I LOVE wandering around IKEA and Target and other home stores, so I don’t think I’ll ever give up shopping in those places 🙂

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