No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

That is because I am currently drinking vegan chai folks.  A little vegan chai concentrate + almond milk.   Some of you (the 1-3 people who actually read this these days) may be thinking “gross!”  But actually, it’s DELICIOUS.   Dare I say better than Starbucks or Coffee Bean?  I dare.  Plus, it’s cheaper.  And if you know me, you know I love a good bargain 😉

So I didn’t keep my promise about my Christmas update last night but I’m here now.  Let’s go back a few days.

Wednesday I worked, and I spent most of the day drafting and finalizing a letter in Spanish, to a woman in Mexico who needs to sign a form for me that is written in English.  Technically I don’t know if she can read, so all of my efforts may be in vain, but at least I tried!  The thing is, I didn’t learn things like “signing on this line indicates that you XYZ” in spanish class.  I learned things like “where is the bathroom?” and “I would like the cheese enchilladas.”  Unfortunately, while such terms help me out in certain areas of Los Angeles or while travelling to spanish speaking countries, they don’t help me as a lawyer.  Apparently, I need a “spanish for lawyers” book to help me out with my pro bono clients 🙂  Nevertheless, I finished the letter, and found a fluent spanish speaker in the office to make sure I wasn’t saying anything embarrassing (sometimes literal translations from english mean something totally different in Spanish).  A few minor grammar corrections and all was well.  Woohoo!

(Side note- one time a friend had a guy who didn’t speak english painting their bathroom, and they asked me to do two things: (1) ask him if he was afraid of dogs, because they had a dog locked up in a bedroom and wanted to let her out; and (2) how long it would take for the paint to dry.  Well, I didn’t learn the word for paint or the verb for drying, so I had no idea.  So I just pointed at the cieling and said “Time?” (in spanish).  And then I pointed at the door where the dog was and asked him if he was afraid of dogs.  I think that was a bad move because he could hear the dog barking, and she was behind a door, so he probably thought she was something huge and vicious.  He suddenly got really scared.  So we just left the dog in the bedroom.  Communication fail.  Hopefully my letter isn’t as big of a fail as that day!)

Thursday, my brother came to visit.  (From way out in the far land of Mentone, CA which is only about 70 miles away… but 70 miles in southern california is a lot further than 70 miles in other places.  The unpredictability of traffic means 70 miles can be a little over an hour or it can be four hours.  Not pretty).   Luckily, Will didn’t have much traffic either direction.   We hung out in my apartment for a little while, and then decided to go down to Santa Monica and get lunch and shop a little.  Sadly, the restuarant I wanted to eat at was closed for the holidays so we went to Mariasol which is a Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier in Santa Monica.  We got a table outside and unfortunately the view, and being together, were the only good things about that lunch.  The food was mediocre and the waiter was extremely lame.  I asked him if I could get salsa in my cheese quesadilla and he said “No.  Justuh the cheese.”  Will and I did get a lot of humor out of that phrase for the rest of weekend, but it was still annoying.  Just to prove him wrong, when he came back with the quesadilla I opened it up and poured salsa inside.  HA!  (not in front of his face, after he walked away..)

Very Cheesy Cheese

The view 🙂

Santa Monica, Christmas Eve 2009 🙂

Then, we never saw the guy again and had to flag him down after waiting a long time wondering where he was because we were done and ready to go.

Since lunch took so long, we barely had any time to peek our heads in a couple of stores on 3rd street before heading back to downtown to meet a couple of my coworkers to see Avatar in 3D.  We thought we’d need to get there like an hour early to ensure we got good seats.  Instead, the four of us were the only people in line at the point they told us we were now allowed to go into the EIGHT HUNDRED SEAT theater and find our seats for the show.  Luckily, more people showed up eventually.  It wasn’t packed by any means but we weren’t the only people in the theater.  Being the only people in a huge theater is not as cool as it may sound.  That happened to me once over the summer with two of my cousins.  It’s actually more distracting than you’d think.   The movie was amazing.   And when we walked out I was like “I know this may sound weird, but that main blue girl was really hot.”  And everyone agreed, both that it was kind of weird and that it was true 🙂

Wow, for some reason it took me awhile to write that much, and right now it’s about time to check in and then time to get dressed and get to work… so more to come later! 🙂


7 thoughts on “No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

  1. I’ve been meaning to make almond milk. I just need to find a cheese cloth…

    By the way, my brother will be in the same city as you in about a week. He’ll be in LA for 1 days I think and Pasadena the other (there for the UT game). I remember hwen I went 4 years ago…*sigh*

    • That is so cool that both you and your bro get to go to championship games for UT! Pasadena is so close to me now, I meant to try to find tickets for the Oregon game which is also in Pasadena but I forgot and now it’s too late 😦

  2. Well, now I’m in Vegas so I’ll miss it anyway, but today a partner sent out an email with 4 free tickets to the first person who responded… So heartbreaking that I left town! Luckily, I guess, the tickets were already claimed before I saw the email so I didn’t get any crazy ideas of buying a ticket back home early… But that would have been so amazing if I was home!!!

    • Wow!! I am so jealous of even the thought of going. I’m having a hard time seeing everyone’s Facebook status updates saying they’re arriving in Pasadena. *sigh*

      Meanwhile, we’re stuck in snow-covered Germany with endless grey days of sub-freezing weather. Oh, California, I need to visit you soon!

      • My facebook status list contains a lot of people who are going to Pasedena to tailgate and just hoping to get tickets when they show up. It’s craziness! I really wish I could go because it’s so close (like 15 minutes away) and would be such an awesome experience, but unfortunately I just don’t have the proper connections to get tickets to these types of things!

        I hope your brother and his friends have an awesome time! It’s sunny and 70s all week here. I don’t say that to rub it in, just to say that it’s perfect weather for visitors 🙂

  3. Thanks – I’m sure he’ll have a good time. He’s never been to California before, so I’m glad to hear that there’s great weather this week to welcome him!

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