Signs of Complete Exhaustion.

I am planning to make a full update regarding the last several days to make up for my lack of posting, but that will likely take place tonight so I can add some pictures into the mix. 

For now, I have two examples of my complete exhaustion to share with you (whoever is actually reading this). 

#1)  In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw what appeared to be a huge black spider running down the pillow next to my head.  I FREAKED out.  I jumped out of bed flailing my arms and tossing all the blankets and pillows all over the place for a couple of seconds.  There was no sign of the spider, and normal Michelle would have been so freaked out that (a) I wouldn’t go back to sleep at all; or (b) I would go sleep on the couch.   But I was so tired that I convinced myself I must have hallucinated the spider because I haven’t seen any other spiders in the 2+ months I’ve been in my apartment so far (and half thought “eh, what is a spider really going to do to me anyway?) and I climbed back in bed and passed back out in about .025 seconds.   Well rested Michelle would have NEVER done something like that.  And seriously, “what is a spider going to do to me anyway?”    Give me a heart attack and kill me, obviously.  That is why I generally do not make a habit of sleeping in a bed with spiders 😉

#2)  I live in a studio (albeit a big studio) and the door to my walk-in closet is in the same corner as my front door leading out into the hallway of my building.   I generally put on my underwear in the bathroom after showering and then walk into my closet to figure out what to wear.   This morning, I came THIS CLOSE to opening my front door, and walking out into the hallway in just a bra and panties.  Luckily, right as I was reaching for the handle of the door, I snapped out of my sleepy stupor and realized the error of my ways.   Phew!  I always hear my neighbors directly across the hall taking their dog out around the time I’m walking practically naked into my closet, and that would have been a very awkward situation for all parties involved (including Moo Cow, the dog).  In my defense, my front door and closet door almost exactly the same.   They are both the same height/width, the same color, the same material, the same handle and the handle is in the same position on both (the right side).   The only difference is the deadbolt lock on the door to outside, but it opens automatically when I turn the handle, so even the deadbolt wouldn’t stop me from exposing myself to the world (ok I know that’s a little dramatic.  But the hallway of my building is a big enough portion of the world to be extremely embarrassing to me). 

Currently, I’m at work downing lots of coffee and watching planes flying way too close to my office building, trying to ensure that I don’t do anything crazy at work as a result of my sleepiness.  I really don’t have any real “work” to do today besides being present, and so I’m trying not to mess up the “present” thing.  Seems like such a simple task but I’m pretty good at messing up simple things. 

More to come tonight after work!

6 thoughts on “Signs of Complete Exhaustion.

    • After I wrote this, I realized it’s kind of lame that I was so tired because I wasn’t working in the preceding several days, just relaxing with the fam. I don’t know how I got so tired but I was definitely feeling it all of yesterday! I went to bed at 9pm last night to make up for it 🙂

      • I often find that the less I’m doing the more tired I feel. So weird. I think it’s something to do with your body realizing how tired it is when you pause for a couple of days.

  1. go to bed early tonight! that would have been so embarrassing – and bad planning on the part of whoever designed the apartment, I bet other people have made that mistake too!

    • Yeah really! I forgot to mention that the doors are on two separate walls… lol… so that’s another difference, but it is the same corner so I still think it’s understandable to get confused when half asleep 🙂

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