My Appliances are Like Little Whiney Children.

One of the things that sold me on my loft (I’m a renter, so not literally but you get the idea) was the awesome, stainless steel thermadore appliances.   I feel like they have ruined me toward out-dated kitchens now.   Some of the other apartments I’ve seen around have *gasp* white appliances, or maybe black GE appliances like my frenemies at Metro 417 (I say that only because I love the building, but I couldn’t see any units when I came to town apartment hunting because you “have to have an appointment.”  The security guard was also like “Do you even know how much these apartments cost?”  …. Apparently I looked like a poor college student that day and not a lawyer. )

My kitchen is also REALLY open which I like.  Like I said, I think I’m ruined.  I don’t know how long I will live here in this building, but when I move, it’s going to be really difficult to match my current kitchen.

Anyway, on to the point.  One of the downsides, in my opinion, of my beautiful updated appliances is that they like to beep at me.  A LOT.   Unfortunately, I do not have a manual for the appliances, and sometimes they beep and I have no idea what the beep means.  (that happened with my fridge the first day I moved in.   I was like “…Mom? … Do you hear that beep? …. is it coming from in here somewhere?”  and lo and behold it was my fridge.  Still no idea what it was about.  I pushed a bunch of buttons and it stopped.)

Usually though, I do know what the beep means and I just don’t feel like jumping up right away to acknowledge to my appliance that I have heard it’s cry.   Do they give up after a few beeps?  No.  They keep periodically beeping until I finally get up, walk over to the beeping appliance, and push the appropriate button to acknowledge that I heard the beeping.  My dryer will keep beeping until I finally go open the door, my dishwasher when finished will keep beeping until I open the door and turn it off.   My timers will keep beeping, even if I press stop, until I push another special button “Timer 1 Off.”

Last night, as I was going to bed around 11, realizing that I stupidly turned on the dishwasher before bed and would be woken up in the middle of the night by the beeping, so I would have to stumble madly over to the dishwasher to turn it off or I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep…. I realized two things:

(1) My appliances are like children.  They are cute and all, but sooooooo annoying when they sit there whining “mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM, mom!” until I give them attention; and

(2) If I can’t handle my appliances beeping at me, I’m clearly not ready to have children of my own any time soon.   Or for that matter, even a puppy.

Right now I need to go finish getting ready.  I finally got to move into my own office yesterday, and I have some things to bring in and hang up on the walls 🙂

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