Me and Traffic Are Not Friends.

I forgot to try that 7 Quick Takes thing again yesterday, and I have multiple short things on my my mind.  So welcome to my Saturday version of 7 or so random things on my mind.


I have a very, very severe aversion to any form of traffic.   People traffic, car traffic, online website traffic.   Uggggg.   Seriously, I live in Los Angeles.  A severe aversion to traffic and living in L.A. could be a recipe for violence.  I’ve got to be careful.

So today, I have nothing I have to do.  Technically, I should probably go Christmas shopping.   But the thought of going out in the traffic today that is bound to exist given it is the Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas makes me want to squeeze my body through the 6″ openings in my loft windows and jump out rather than get in my car for any reason.   So instead, I think I’m going to stay in and do lame things like clean.  (But my loft REALLY needs it so I guess that’s not so lame).


I also might journey over to the sketchy art store and pick up some more supplies because I found out something exciting this week:  I’m finally getting my own office next week.  Merry Christmas to me.  So excited!  But that also means that I should paint something to put in my office because nothing is more depressing than the sterile wall color and flourescent lighting.   I plan to bring in a painting of my own, my degrees, some photos, and hopefully some warmer lighting.


Switching gears a little bit, another great milestone occured this week: I got my bar number.  For a split second I thought about posting it here and then I remembered my whole not-wanting-to-be-stalked thing.   I am becoming more and more stalkable these days.  My bar number gives you access to my work address and phone number, and soon just my name will give you access to a fancy professional photo of me and work profile.  Oh, the pros and cons of the information superhighway…


But the bar number makes me really, really official!  I’ve been filling out some forms for a client online and I had to put my bar number in so many times that I think I’m already sick of it.   On the bright side though, I already have it memorized.  Still don’t know my drivers license number or license plates, but had my bar number memorized within 10 minutes of finding out it is now available online.


While we’re talking professionalism, I have two things I have a tendency to do that I am trying to minimize in professional situations.  (1) My tendency to snort when I laugh; and (2) is my tendency to air quote things when quotes are not appropriate.   I have been joking about it with a friend at work this week, and he mentioned how funny it would be if I went up in front of a judge for my case and I air quoted “your Honor.”   It’s kind of hard to communicate the hilariousness of this in writing rather than with a visual, but seeing the visual of it in my head made me laugh so hard.  So all day I yesterday I was sitting at my desk filling out forms and I would randomly think of it and start laughing out loud to myself.  Anyone who walked by probably thought I was C.R.A.Z.Y.   Who laughs out loud at guardianship forms?

Okay so I only have 5 for now.   Right now I really want to shower and get to cleaning, painting, etc. and whatever else today may hold 🙂

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