Major Milestone, and a Few Silly Grudges.

Yesterday at work I signed my first letter to a client as an attorney.  My secretary asked me these crazy questions when she gave me the letter to sign like “what color of ink do you prefer” and “what type of pen do you prefer.”   I just picked a regular blue pen, but I feel like I need to go into the supply room and sign my name with every pen in there and figure out which one looks the nicest.  I also think I need to get a cooler attorney-like signature.  Like my first initial and a squiggle.   Anyway, I felt like I should frame the thing, or at least take a picture of it, and I probably would have if not for client confidentiality issues.   It’s a very exciting opportunity because it is a pro bono case that I’m largely handling by myself.

Onto the other topic of this post (which is brought on solely because I saw something that reminded me of it right as I was pulling up this page): silly grudges.  Way back in high school (I can say “way back” if it has been 10+ years now, right?), my journalism class took a field trip to Channel 2 News.  Parts of it were really fun.  Steve Dunn was super nice.  Then, we a group of us were allowed to quietly stand on set (out of camera view) during the live evening news!  It was all going swell until it was time for the weather and the weatherman was nowhere to be found.  Then suddenly he came barrelling onto the set, shoving me out of the way without even saying “excuse me” or offering me an apology.   That man?  Rob Marciano.   Where is he today?  He’s the weather guy on CNN news now.

Sidenote about watching CNN:  I have never been a big fan of news in the morning.  (When 9/11 happened, I had no idea until I got to work because I never turned on the TV in the morning, which if I had would have told me the first plane had already hit the first tower).  I generally like complete quiet when I’m getting ready in the morning, or maybe music.  But I don’t really like being slapped with the abrasive reality of the world before I walk out the door when I already have to get out of bed sooner than I want to.   However, multiple mentors have told me that I need to watch the news to be aware of what is going on in the world.  I guess it is important as a professional now to be aware of things, and its good for networking purposes.  So for the last week or so I’ve been trying out watching CNN in the mornings.   So far it’s mostly “Tiger Woods this” and “look what someone tweeted on twitter here.”   You’re killing me CNN.

Anyway, every time I turn on CNN and I see his face (Rob Marciano’s face) and I instantly flash back to that push and how rude it was.  You still owe me an apology Rob Marciano!  I know you read my blog! Yeah right.  Rob Marciano does not read my blog, and really he doesn’t owe me an apology.   I was a high schooler in the way, and he was the weatherman who was kind of a big deal.   Kind of a big deal apparently because it wasn’t long before he blew that local news popstand and went national.   I just think it’s funny that I still, over 10 years later, remember what happened every time I see the guy.   Let it go, Michelle.

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