7 Quick Takes?

Since I’m already trying out Ten on Tuesday, I figured I would also try out “7 Quick Takes” on Fridays.   Let’s see how this goes.   For the last week I’ve felt like I really had nothing to talk about, and today I have several little things so this is perfect!


Today, it looked like “the Nothing” took over Los Angeles.   It’s really weird to look outside and see a thick, grey cloud cover hovering over the city, people walking with umbrellas…. to look at the weather forecast and see multiple days of rain in a row.   What is this water falling from the sky Los Angeles?  On the upside, I have covered parking at work, home, and the grocery store… so technically I don’t have to go out in the rain unless I *really* want to do something extra curricular that requires me to.


The downside of all of this rain is that a good friend of mine from Portland (Becky) is arriving tonight to spend the weekend with me.  Rain is NOT ideal weather for showing someone around L.A.!   Then again, we are from Portland where we are used to rain, so we will have fun regardless of the weather!


The upside of the rain is that apparently when it is pouring down rain, they don’t have the obnoxious outdoor concerts that I can hear in my apartment.   Yesterday  it was supposed to rain but ended up being sunny all day and I actually found myself sitting at work, staring out at the sun and feeling a little disappointed.   (What is wrong with me??).   However, although the rain didn’t pick up until much later in the evening, the concert last night was actually pretty good.  What a nice change!


I scored some great tickets to an orchestra this weekend from a coworker.   That whole “early bird gets the worm” thing is so true.   I knew there was a good reason to go into work so early even though I had absolutely no work to do!  Woohoo!  Despite the rain I now have a cool event to take Becky too, with great seats, and all for free! 🙂  I’ll be sure to post about how it goes.


Today I finally billed my first hour after two weeks of working on non-billable stuff.  It’s pro bono, but pro bono counts 1 for 1 and I’m really excited about this project.   Plus, it’s a perfect time to get my pro bono hours in while regular billable work is so hard to come by during the holidays.


I have been DYING to paint again (after my first attempt was such a success), but I can’t seem to get out of the office before it is dark out (it gets dark before 5.. boo!) and I don’t even like to go to the area where the art store is in the daytime let alone at night.  Maybe this weekend if there is a break in the rain I can get over there and buy some more supplies.  I would like to paint something for my office!


Today when I was leaving work I spaced out and almost drove poor Bella (my car) into a pole.  Luckily, a parking lot attendant was watching and managed to get my attention.  She then offered to back my car out for me and said anytime I was in a tight spot to just ask her to do it because my car is “too beautiful” and I shouldn’t risk letting anything happen to it.   If I would have had any cash on me I would have tipped her.   That was so nice!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes?

  1. I don’t know which art store you’re going to but when I used to visit my grandmother I used to go to one I really liked. I just looked it up and it’s Utrecht Art Supply at 11677 Santa Monica Boulevard. You should also go to Cafe 50’s, 2 blocks east of the art store. I’ve been going there since it opened (in like 1985 or something). Love it!

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