And on a semi-related side note…

I saw a news story on LA Times today that said there is an influx of chihuahuas at shelters across California, and noted that the surge in chihuahua popularity began with Legally Blonde (and continued with Paris Hilton’s dog tinkerbell, and of course that Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie… and although the article didn’t mention it, might I point out TACO BELL?).

I kind of loved the article for the Legally Blonde reference, but it is sad that there is a swarm of homeless pooches in CA’s shelters.  I wish I could take one or two!  Whenever there is a movie with a cute dog in it, everyone rushes out and buys one of that breed thinking their puppy will act just like movie dog. Dogs are not always cute and sweet and perfect like movie dogs people!  They take work and need a lot of love and attention!  … Which is unfortunately why I most likely can’t rescue a chihuahua.   Rumor has it that come January I won’t have much time for anything.

(In 2001 (when Legally Blonde came out) I was a freshman in college, and now I’m finally a lawyer.   I can’t believe how much time has passed!)

2 thoughts on “And on a semi-related side note…

  1. unrelated but I just saw this and was going to text it to you but then realized that your number may have changed what with all the fancy blackberry getting, etc.!

    No idea if this is true or not, but this place: is supposed to have NINE CENT coffee! I know you enjoy coffee so it may be worth seeing if the rumor is true! it’s downtown LA so probably not too far from you.

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