It’s official!

So last night, I said two oaths and a judge signed my registration card, so I am really, really a lawyer!

Funny story:  when you say the oath, everyone stands and they do it “repeat after me (the judge)” style.   At the beginning of each oath, the judge says “I, state your name” and you are supposed to respond with “I” and then, well, state your name.   Well I, brilliant girl that I am, managed to mess it up both times. Yep, both times  I just said “I state your name.”   I could tell I wasn’t the only one confused though, I heard other people say their names after they messed it up.   I just let it go though and pretended I didn’t say anything wrong 😉

After the swearing in we had the judge sign our cards (the picture above) and had a little reception with people from the firm.   My friend and coworker Lindsey’s parents came out for the event and graciously invited me, and two of our other friends to dinner afterward to celebrate.   It was really fun and I had a great time.   And after two days of trying to stay positive but feeling a bit frustrated, I went home with a warm feeling in my heart ❤

On a related note, I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated the past two days and I couldn’t quite figure out why.   I’m a positive person, I generally have a good attitude about things, and I’m very, very grateful to not only have a job but a job at such a great place.   But for some reason certain things have been really getting me down.   And then last night a little lightbulb went off.  (Sorry for the upcoming TMI male readers).  At a certain time of the month I always get a little over emotional.   Things that would normally not bother me, bother me.   The thing though is that the instant I realize what is really going on, I can pull myself together and be normal Michelle.   When little emotional cues go off, now wiser Michelle can be like “No, you want to feel emotional about this, but it’s not real.  This is not a big deal.”   And all is well 🙂   I really need to start putting stars on my calendar or something to warn myself so I stop having this 2-3 day time span each month before I realize what is going on with me.

Well, it’s time for me to go get dressed and head into work for my first full day without any special training meetings.   I’m the real deal now 😉


5 thoughts on “It’s official!

    • Thanks! It was really cool! Unfortunately my family didn’t get to come because it seemed like a little much to have them fly down for it when they’d just flown down for my graduation in May. But I enjoyed it and tried to get a few pics for the fam 🙂

      • Yeah, that definitely makes sense. Luckily, we were within an hour from where my brother’s ceremony was held, otherwise, I doubt we would have made it either.

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