“It’s better to be sweared in than be sweared at.”

Today I’m getting sworn in so that I can officially practice in all state courts in California, and federal court through the central district of California!  Friends and family are invited, but I wasn’t really sure if me getting sworn in was a big enough deal to ask family members to buy a ticket to fly down here and possibly pay for hotels, etc.   We’ll see how it goes.  If everyone’s parents and/or significant others are there except for mine tonight, that might get a little depressing.

However, on a non-depressing note, one of my favorite people in my class (just for the record, “class” as in started work at the same time, not school ;)), and her parents have invited me out to dinner with them afterward so I’m excited about that!  I’m excited to meet her parents because they sound really great, and of course, Lindsey is really great!

Yesterday was an interesting day.  We had some computer training and benefits overviews and then had most of the afternoon to ourselves.  I jumped right on trying to stop by and reconnect with people I’d worked with before, and sending out emails.  Some of the emails were timing questions to my secretary, and paperwork questions to people in HR.   Some of them were also very important emails to people I would like to work for and I was hoping to get in touch with them before masses of other people did.   Well, as it turns out, whoever set up my office forgot to plug the cords in right so I didn’t actually have network access for my emails to actually send and didn’t realize it until after 5pm!   The nice thing is we have amazing tech support so it was fixed really fast, but all my emails didn’t go out until about 5:45.   So that was a bit of a bummer.

Oh, and as a random side note…  I’ve already mentioned here a few times that I’m really freaked out about earthquakes.   Well, supposedly our building is actually built to withstand an 8.6 or something like that.   Considering how scary a 5.2 that was 30 miles away felt from the 52nd floor during my 2L summer, I really hope I don’t have to feel what an 8.0 is like, especially one that is less than 30 miles away.   However, it made me feel a little safer about work.   I’ve been a bit paranoid and thinking “have I doomed myself by taking this job?  Am I going to go down in the big one while I’m working alone at 2am at the office??”   It’s morbid, I know.   But I’ve been really freaked out!  So this 8.6 business was comforting.   However, if there is a huge quake, we will be stuck in the building for awhile (possibly days) all survivor style, so I need to get a little kit together for my office in case anything super crazy like that happens.


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