“There are many things you can do when work is slow besides spend 8 hours a day on Farmville harvesting your crops.”

Yes, that is actually a quote of the day from work today.   I spent the whole first day in “training” (aka an overwhelming walk through of all the firms policies/processes/etc),  and getting pictures taken.  It was a great day though because (1) I got paid to sit and listen to all that info, (2) it was fun seeing so many of my former summer coworkers again, and (3) I got to go to lunch at Pinot with my new “buddies” which was fantastic!

One funny thing is that my hair has dramatically changed from the summer.  At the time, my hair was super light blonde, just barely past my shoulders, and I had bangs swooped to the side.   I considered my hair long back then, but now it is a lot longer, dark brown, and (despite the pics I posted with my bangs swooped to the side) I wore my bangs straight across today.   I really wish I’d taken a picture before I ruined my good hair day with a post-first day work out at the gym!   Anyway, multiple times I got the comment “….Michelle? I barely even recognized you!”   Of course, the dead give away is that I’m the tallest person in the class (including boys).   The brown hair and bangs would have thrown me off, but the 6’4″ thing is a dead giveaway!

Even though today was pretty mundane, I am SO excited that I’m really a lawyer now.  Anxious and stressed a bit due to the fact that the economy is currently down, December is always a slow month anyway, and around 45 of us have all started within 2 weeks of each other.. but I know it’s all going to work out.  It may be slow at first, but I’m confident it will pick up, and I’m confident that I can do excellent work which will ultimately bring me more work.   You might find me tempted to complain about how “slow” it is in the next few weeks, but I’m sure it won’t be long before the tables have turned and I find myself wishing things would slow down a bit!

As one final, random note… Alexander bought me a “Gc Swiss” watch while he was in Europe.  It was actually a christmas present but he gave it to me early so I could use it for work and I LOVE it.  I’ve already received multiple compliments on the watch, and I’ve only been wearing it since Saturday!

The face doesn’t look quite that big in person… I guess it’s just the angle.  I was trying to get good light in my apartment!

Tomorrow is a big day– we get our laptops, blackberries, benefits orientation, and then we are released into the wild to find our own work to do within the firm.    I am also currently one of a few people in my incoming class who are temporarily sharing offices.   It’s funny because some people complain but I am just super grateful to have a job!  Also, word on the street is I’ll be moved to a new spot in 5-7 work days so I shouldn’t let myself get too comfy in my shared space.

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