It’s the end of an era. Can 4 months be an era?

After nearly four months of no work or school, (and technically if you don’t count the 2.5 months of bar study as school, 6.5 months) tomorrow I reenter the working world, this time permanently.  I have a very long to do list for today in preparation of that, and one of the things on that list is to update here because it’s been a few days!

Wednesday I got up early and drove out to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.   The drive was beautiful and I didn’t hit any bad traffic.  I also stopped at a Coach outlet on the way and picked up a couple of christmas presents.  A couple of the workers there kept commenting on how tall and pretty I am.  I had a great outfit on that day and my hair looked nice, and it was sure nice to have people just compliment me and not be like “omg how tall are you? is it hard to find clothes/dates/shoes/general acceptance in society/etc?”

The couple of days I spent in Vegas were very relaxing and nice,  and then yesterday I went out to a Target before coming home and bought a fake tree (for $25!!) and some decorations to set up when I got back to L.A.   The traffic home from Vegas was HORRIBLE.   I really expected the bad traffic to be today (which is why I left on Saturday instead).   It was really only bad from  close to the California border through Barstow and after Barstow it cleared up (thank God because seriously if there had been cliffs around I might have driven off one).  Still,  it took me about 6 hours to get home when Vegas-L.A. is about 3.5 hours without traffic.  And it was so weird to have such bad traffic in just that area because there isn’t ANYTHING there but desert.  It’s not like there were lots of onramps dropping tons of desert people onto the freeway or anything.  As far as I could tell, it was all the same people.  But somehow we were only capable of driving more than 1-20mph when we were in Las Vegas or outside of Barstow.   Ahh!   I did actually start crying while waiting in a Starbucks drive thru in Barstow before the traffic had cleared up.   It was just so maddening and frustrating and I was so tired.  And then the window opened for the lady to hand me my drink and she was like “Sorry about the wait” and I turned to her as I was wiping away my tears.   Sorry for that awkward moment I put you in, Starbucks lady.    I’m telling you, my tolerance for traffic is much less than the average bear.  It’s rational to get upset in traffic but my response to traffic reaches irrational levels.   That cliff thing wasn’t really a joke 😉   On that note, it’s a REALLY good thing that I don’t have to drive to work in L.A.  (I walk .3 miles!)

When I got in, I unloaded all of my stuff and then took off to a friend/coworker’s place in Echo Park to hang out for a little bit.   We made plans to go to the gym tonight.   She has already joined one and has a 30 day pass and my body needs a gym.   I’m really hoping I’ll be diligent about it!   I got back to my loft around 11pm and decided, despite my exhaustion, to try to set up my Christmas tree.    It looks pretty good!  Now I just need a tree skirt and some pretty presents wrapped under there 🙂

So there you have it!

I have a busy few weeks coming up.  Besides the fact that I’m starting my new job, this Wednesday I’m getting sworn in to the state and federal courts with my fellow bar passing coworkers, and then Friday I’m attending the swearing in for my law school as well, and Alexander is coming to town for the weekend for that.   Then the following weekend my friend Becky is coming to visit me, and that will leave one free weekend before Christmas when my mom and brother come to visit me! 🙂

For now though, I need to stop going over future events and deal with right now:  the rest of my to do list for today.

5 thoughts on “It’s the end of an era. Can 4 months be an era?

  1. pretty tree! and your place looks so cool! do you have more pics of it on fb? I haven’t had time to lurk much beyond my feed recently!

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