New hair, New wardrobe.

I had my hair appointment today at Chrome in Culver City.   Jared did an awesome job!  I also bought some new work clothes yesterday and I told my mom I would take pictures of me in some of the new clothes to share with her, and I figured.. why not post it here and share it with the blog world? 😉    Also, it would have been a lot easier if (1) I had someone here to take the pictures of me; or (2) I had remembered my automatic timer. But I tried, and without further ado, here are a few of my new purchases and some shots of my new red-turned-dark-brown hair 🙂

White button down w/ruffles. I'll probably wear this with a jacket or under a sweater.

This grey turtleneck is my FAVORITE. Sadly, I couldn't get a great photo of it.

Can you tell what size I wear?

This doesn't really showcase the shirt, but the black and white top is new too.

One of my only purchases with color 🙂

Guess what my favorite color is lately?

The top doesn't look quite as see through in person. But I really like this one 🙂

Sorry for the slightly inappropriate nature of this angle.. but it shows my new layers well! 🙂 (also, would be worn with a sweater)

Ruffles and grey are my current favorite things apparently. 🙂

So there you have it!  I also bought another blue top, grey sweater and a grey vest which aren’t featured in photos here, but this is already way to many self-portraits for one post!


7 thoughts on “New hair, New wardrobe.

  1. Oh thank you! I’m trying to go for “conservative professional” but still have a little personality thrown in there 🙂

      • It really is crazy! and AWESOME! it’s so funny to me that you and I took our LSAT the same day, it seems like yesterday, yet here we are – you are now a real-life lawyer and I’m about to get my MBA…well, in August but still, it’s sort of soon! I’m so glad that I chose not to go to Law School, but I’m definitely going to enjoy hearing all about life as a lawyer from you!

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