Banana Republic Support Group, Anyone?

(First, apologies for not updating yesterday.  Quite honestly, I had a super boring, relaxed day yesterday and I kept intending to update later but kept forgetting.)

Today, I have been TCB’ing, otherwise known as “taking care of business.”  I finally mailed off an overdue speeding ticket (for going 5 miles over in a rural zone in Nowhere, NV.  Seriously, if they penalize me for being 5 days late I will be more annoyed than I already am).  This was quite a process because I had to go to the bank to get a cashier’s check, and then I walked over to a hotel to try to buy stamps so I didn’t have to walk to a post office, and then back to my building to drop the thing off in the outgoing mail.  Good riddance.

I also finally found a drycleaner.  Hopefully?  Back in the day (aka when I lived in Portland), I had this great drycleaning place that was $2/item, any item.   Here in L.A., it seems impossible to find a place that charges less than $5 for pants.   I thought I’d found my DREAM drycleaning place when I ran into a lady in the elevator who said her place delivers to my building on Tuesdays and Fridays, $2/tops, $2.50/pants.  Sign me up, I thought, and quickly got her number.   Sadly for me, either she gave me her number wrong or I put it in wrong (or she is no longer answering the number) because all I get is ringing when I call 😦   So I spent the morning trying to find a new place, and ultimately realized there is another drycleaner in my building called “Clean Concierge.”  You put your stuff in a locker, take the key, request a pick up online, and 2-3 days later drycleaned clothes appear in the locker.  I put 8 items in there.  In hindsight, I should have taken a picture or something of the items.   Anyway, here’s hoping it turns out ok!  $3.99/pants, $2.50/tops, and no charge for pickup/delivery.

This drycleaning issue is important because finally, after a 4 month hiatus, I reenter the land of actually having something do to on a daily basis: work.  Related to this, lately I’ve been looking in my closet at my clothes thinking ho hum closet you are boring me. However, since I don’t currently have any income, I was trying to wait until I actually started work to buy any more clothes.  But when will I have time to drive out to the Banana Republic Outlet once work starts? So, you guessed it, this morning I rationalized to myself that going to Banana today was a good idea.  It’s a bit of an illness I have.  Sometimes I can walk in Banana and not buy a thing.  But other times I go in there and I spend at least $100-$300.   The problem is that when I do see things I actually like, I just can’t say no.  I can’t even say “ok Michelle, pick your FAVORITE thing.  You can’t have everything.”  I feel like I have to have everything.  I just LOVE the feel of their clothes.  After growing up on hand-me-downs, then upgrading to thrift store clothes, then upgrading to walmart, and eventually making the giant leap to Target clothing, Banana Republic clothes are a big luxury to me.   However, “poor girl” still exists deep down so I usually only binge on Banana when there is a good sale (I did buy a full price top there once for $65 and I still feel a little guilty about it).  Today, everything in the store was 40%, plus I had a gift card with $96 on it.  So that means I got 9 tops, 2 sweaters, and a skirt for $202 of my own dollars including tax.  I love my new clothes!  It makes me excited to get back to work so I can wear it all!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done at a new salon and hoping it turns out well.  Assuming it does, I’ll plan to post a pic or two of the new hair and maybe some of my new purchases tomorrow 🙂


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