Putting the “Daily” in TheDailyChelle.

I’m realizing that I miss the good old days where I blogged a lot more often, and could actually look back and see what was going on when.  Additionally, writing in my former blog every day (livejournal) had a therapeutic/unwinding effect that was fantastic.  So, I can’t make any promises, but at this moment I have every intention of trying to turn this blog into something I write in daily, or at least almost daily.  So.. without further ado..

Where have I been lately?

Well, last week I went to Las Vegas with some girl friends who are all starting at law firms this fall as well (2 of 3 with me).  I’ve been to Vegas quite a few times now but this was the first time I’ve ever been as a tourist.  My friend Lindsey is a hardcore/awesome poker player, and as a result we could get a suite at the Palazzo for CHEAP.  It was an amazing room and we had a FANTASTIC view of the strip.  I don’t know what it is about lights but I LOVE THEM.  Honestly, in Vegas I would have been perfectly content to just sit on the couch in our suite and stare out at the view all night.

Pictures of the view from my iPhone (don’t quite do it justice, but they’ll do!)

(I think my love of city lights at night is one of the many reasons I LOVE my loft.  Unfortunately, due to my stalker fear, I cannot post pictures for you of the view from my loft.  However, if you know me in real life, feel free to email me or check on facebook for pics.)

We decided to roadtrip with Bella (my car), and the drive both ways was smooth and easy.  (Except for some major traffic we hit on the way back because a construction crew was randomly shutting down all but one lane of the 10 for no apparent reason in the middle of rush hour.  Good idea?).  But other than that, it was was totally easy.  While in Vegas, we ate delicious food, caught a show, and gambled a bit.  I was only willing to lose $20, and managed to keep my $20 plus win around $160.  However, I gradually lost $50 of my winnings, and that quickly ended my momentary mesmorization with gambling.  See, I generally adamantly follow the rule: only gamble what you are willing to lose.  I was willing to lose $20.  However, then I actually WON money so I was thinking “I wasn’t supposed to have this money anyway, it’s like free money, I can gamble more!”   And then I lost $50 which was annoying. As a girl who grew up poor, whenever I lose money or waste money it drives me crazy.  It could be a dollar and it would drive me crazy.  And this was fifty of them.  Ugg.   But don’t cry for me (Argentina), I still was over $100 up by the time we left.  I figured out that thanks to my winnings, my trip to Vegas only cost me just about $100.  That includes seeing a show ($80), two nights in the Palazzo, all my meals, and gas! Two nights and three days in Vegas for $100?  I call that a STEAL! 🙂

The night I got back from Vegas (Friday night) I proceeded to watch 3 straight hours of DVR’d TV (bad Michelle), before driving out to Beverly Hills to meet a couple work friends for a happy hour.  The main thing I must tell you about this event is that there was a weird man wandering around the place (Trader Vic’s in the Beverly Hilton) who was wearing all leather and a top hat type hat, and walking around with a HUGE wolflike dog. And at 6’4″ *I* am huge, so if I call something else huge, that’s really saying something.  HUGE.  Anyway, later when I was waiting at the valet to pick up my car (had I known valet would be $16, and had I known there was a self-park option, I would have self-parked), I saw the weirdy man get on a MOTORCYCLE, pat his lap so the giant dog JUMPED UP TO RIDE IN FRONT, and he pulled away from the hotel.  When my car rolled up, I may or may not of been standing there staring with my mouth hanging open, unfortunately too shocked at what I was seeing to whip out my iPhone.  The valet guy said, “have you ever seen anything like that?” and I just laughed and said, “No.. No I have not.”  And hopped in my car and drove away.

Saturday morning I had to wake up early to unpack and repack my suitcase, and catch a cab to the airport.  Technically it’s a lot more expensive to take a cab than to drive and park, but it’s easier to take a cab, and I prefer Bella to be safe in her parking spot in my garage, and not in some random parking lot in Inglewood.  No offense to anyone from Inglewood, Bella’s just not an Ingelwood kind of girl. I LOVED taking a cab.  Technically I cheated and walked over to an expensive hotel and caught a cab from there and a bell hop guy instantly helped me out with my bag and asked how my stay was and I just said “It’s been wonderful.”  I wasn’t trying to be a fraud, I just didn’t know where to tell a cab to stop outside of my building if I called one for myself.  I’ll figure it out, don’t worry.  I won’t keep taking advantage of hotel cab access.  But yeah, the point is taking a cab to the airport was fantastic. I didn’t have to burden anyone to take me to the airport, I didn’t have to be the one fighting with traffic, I got to relax in the back seat and text to my hearts content.  Loved it!  Plus, it totally made me feel like the city girl/young professional that I am.  I think that may be my preferred mode of transportation to the airport from now on 🙂

Where was I headed?  Off to the hot tourist spot otherwise known as Fayetteville, North Carolina (that was sarcastic, there really isn’t anything exciting about Fayetteville as far as I can tell.. except the people who live there!).  My brother, SIL, and 3 kids live on a military base there.  The two times I’ve been out to visit them since they’ve moved to North Carolina we haven’t really done much besides hang out at home, go to the mall, and go out to eat.  As far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be much else to do.  But that’s all good because the 3 kids aren’t really “go out and do lots of cool stuff” ages (they’re 2, 1, and 10 weeks).  It’s a lot more fun to stay at home and just play with them all. Kaylynn, the oldest, is turning 3 tomorrow (November 20th).  My mom (Grammie/Gammie) flew out at the same time, and she gave Kaylynn some great “stinker bell” (her way of saying tinker bell) birthday presents.  Kaylynn LOVED the presents and asked me if I would please get her three stinker bell presents.  I’;ll see what I can work out for Christmas 😉  Kaylynn also quickly figured out how to look at pictures and watch videos on my iPhone.  The first day she LOVED the video tour of my loft.  She kept watching it over and over and she would say “Theeeeere’s your kitchen…. Theeeeere’s your potty!”  The next day I made a video of her giggling as she was playing catch with a sock with Gammie.  Once she saw the video the first time, EVERY TIME I had my phone out she would say, “may I please see the video where Kaylynn laughs and throws a sock?”  And I would say, “Ok, but only one time.”  And the tricky girl figured out the right way to touch the screen to make it replay again, and she would be like “Oh, Oh it’s not over yet.”  Triiiicky, tricky those almost-three-year-olds!

I also have randomly picked up some baby skills.  It used to be that babies were freaked out by me, but all of a sudden babies LOVE me.  Also, whenever I would hold a baby and it would start to fuss, I would instantly give the baby back to its parent.  But recently with babies I’ve started figuring out ways to calm them down.  My mom LOVES it.  She’s like “omg Michelle you are totally ready to have your own babies.”  And I’m like “No, I am now capable of occassionally babysitting the child of friends or family so they can have date nights, but I am not going to be having any babies.”  I think my nieces and nephew are cute, but kids have waaaaaay too many needs for me right now.  Kids cry all the time over every little thing and make messes and need constant attention.  I can handle it for a couple of hours and then I’m like “take me now Jesus!”  It is good to know that if I ever do want kids, I won’t be a complete failure, but don’t get any ideas friends and family.  Michelle will not be having any babies any time soon.  (And might I also point out I am not married or even close to engaged, so even if I wanted babies they are still a long time coming.)

As an example, at one point the baby, Carsyn, was fussing at the mall while I was holding her.  I decided to hold her out in my arms to bounce her and make faces at her, but to my surprise she fell asleep in my arms in like .5 seconds.  I ended up carrying her around like that for awhile.  That baby is HOT.  I was sweating due to her body heat on my arms/stomach.

And just for kicks, a cute pic of the other two kids on the carousel at the mall 🙂

Another thing that’s bad about kids (besides the crying and pooping and needing), they get sick a lot and pass on the “goodies.”  I haven’t been sick in forever but I spent a day in a mall full of kiddos and BAM.  I feel like I have the plague.  The pressure in my head is killing me, my nose is running, my lungs feel like a big fist is crushing them if I try to laugh.  Bad sign?

I can’t be sick!  Tomorrow, besides the 3rd birthday of my precious niece, is also D-Day, aka the day the California Bar Exam results get posted.  Wow, I want to barf right now just typing that.  I’m supposed to go celebrate with work friends after the results come out (celebrate either passing or failing although of course we all hope its passing!).  Also, one of my favorite people who I haven’t seen in over two years is supposed to roadtrip out to stay with me for the weekend.  I can’t be sick!  We have so many fun plans already.  Did you hear that body?  You can’t be sick!

I’m writing this now from about 38000 feet with 34 minutes of flight time left in my flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  I will be arriving at LAX, catching a cab back to my place, and hopefully posting this while watching the season finale of Project Runway.  Then hopefully, my dear body will let me sleep for a solid 10-12 hours or so and feel miraculously better in the morning.  Please body?

Regardless, I will definitely be posting tomorrow because pass or fail, I will be posting the results for it here as soon as I know 🙂


So I fell asleep during Project Runway, and got a little over 8 hours of sleep, and still feel bad, and my friend isn’t coming anymore (although due to other complications, not me being sick).

BUT, I have lots of DVR’d tv to keep me company while I wait for bar results at 6pm.

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