All Good Things.

Yesterday I met a friend on the Westside to get dinner and see a screening for the movie “All Good Things.”  Apparently we were the very first people to see the finished movie, so that’s pretty cool.  It’s a love story/murder mystery based on a true story from New York.  I really liked it actually (despite the fact that I’m usually not a fan of unhappy endings), and look forward to seeing it once it comes out to see what they changed, if anything.  (There is one very unnecessary scene with full frontal nudity of Kirsten Dunst, I hope they get rid of that but they probably won’t.. ohhh publicity.)

We planned our meet up time based on when I could miss traffic on the 10.  But shocker of all shockers, there was an accident on the 405 that jammed traffic on the 10.  Soooooo glad that I don’t have to drive in L.A. on a daily basis!   As I was driving back home later, all of a sudden it really hit me that I *live in downtown* now.  I was leaving the west side, where I used to live, to drive *downtown*, where I live now.  Crazy!   And even though I’ve been here for around 3 weeks now, it just really hit me for the first time that I live here.  This is my loft, my place that I come home to.  Crazy!

On another note, I have had the urge to paint for awhile.  I’ve only painted once before… in my art class in high school and despite numerous attempts I could not figure out how to paint a human face.  So somewhere out there I have a painting of a grandpa with his grandaughter on his lap and a nice background, but they have no faces.  And not in a cool “I did it on purpose” way, but in a very obvious “this chick couldn’t figure out how to paint a face” way.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a painting of trees for awhile, and then I was in Crate & Barrel with my friend Juliana one day and they had this really cool print of trees for $500.   She said it was her favorite painting and I thought “I bet I could paint this myself, and it would be a lot cheaper than $500!”  Well, a couple of days ago I was sitting at home working on a photo book for a friend, and I decided to google nearby art supply stores.  As it turned out, there is one pretty close to my place (as it also turned out, although it wasn’t too far it was definitely in the ‘wrong part of town’ for me, and it is unlikely that I will venture back there anytime soon).   I bought a canvas for $9, two colors of acrylic paint (black and yellow), and two paintbrushes.  I’ve worked on it a couple of hours a day for the past several days and today I finished:



It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, because I don’t know anything about brushes and I bought the wrong brushes (and ended up using 2 makeup brushes for the trees), but I like how it turned out nonetheless 🙂   Also, that picture you can barely see on the shelf below is a picture of me meeting Margaret Thatcher.  A candid shot of her making a joke about my height.  I love that photo!

Along with taking up painting, I’ve also taken up cooking Vegan meals.   For the record, I have never been much of a cook.  Prior to the last few weeks, I’ve only cooked actual meals a couple of times in my life.  Really sad, I know 😦  But since I’ve been living alone and finally have my own kitchen I’ve been learning how to cook things.  Tonight I made brown rice with avocado slices and vegan chicken and a little sauce.   It was yummy.  I definitely ate more than a reasonable portion.

Tomorrow night I’m doing something very exciting, which I will post about later!


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