Back in L.A.!

It’s been awhile! About two weeks ago I moved back to Los Angeles.  I got a loft downtown and I LOVE it!  I’d post pictures here of my place and my view and whatnot, but in the event that I have internet stalkers I don’t want to give away my location 😉   So, if you know me in real life, check my facebook or email me and I’ll send you some pics!

My mom made the drive down with me from Oregon, and we faced the worst fog I’ve ever been in on the way down.  Had I not been white-knuckling the wheel so bad it gave me blisters (no joke) I would have probably thought to take a photo to capture the craziness!  Sadly, no pics 😦  So, after driving 16 hours straight (well, except for the 30 minute power nap in a Denny’s parking lot next to a sewer), we arrived in L.A. and got checked into my new place only to discover (1) the maintenance people had left all their equipment in my place; and (2) a wall that had been a mustard yellow color (which I LOVED) was now painted brown 😦   I was a little bummed, particularly about the wall.  But the manager came up and removed the stuff and my bathroom stuff still looked nice with the brown wall so I just let that part go.

After unloading the stuff in my car, we drove out to Target to get some necessities, and then stopped by my storage unit to get the air bed, some blankets, and the TV to last us until the next day when we’d be moving everything else.  That turned into a NIGHTMARE.   (Keep in mind that I still hadn’t slept at that point after driving through the night and through the worst fog ever).  When I got to the unit, apparently someone had tampered with my lock and it was jammed.  We had to wait nearly 40 minutes in the heat for the property manager to return, and then wait for over an hour while she struggled to drill out the tampered lock.  Ahh!  She couldn’t get it and eventually called her son who came and got the unit unlocked within a couple of minutes.   I bought a new lock (a combination one this time) to protect the rest of my stuff and we were finally able to leave and head back to my place for the night.

The same day we arrived in L.A., my older brother who lives out near San Bernardino came out and spent the night so he could help my mom and I move my storage unit in the next day. It was fun having a little slumber party in my empty loft with him and my mom that night.  We got some subway, watched a movie, and all passed out because we were so tired (him from working and then driving in traffic to get here, us from all of the above).  The moving day went extremely smoothly.  We were a great team!  After we finished I took my mom and Will to the Grove for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (lunch ended up being 4pm due to waiting to go eat and then having a long wait at the restaurant).   Will headed home after the lunch and my mom and I spent the evening unpacking most of my boxes.  Before the night was over I had unpacked all but a couple of boxes, and had looked inside the ones I hadn’t unpacked so I knew where everything was.  It was a very successful moving in day 🙂

That was almost 2 weeks ago.  In other news, I have one month left of freedom until I start work.  I’m using that time to get all settled into the new place, and take care of various things I won’t have time to do once I start working.

On a random note, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here yet or not… but since about late August I’ve been vegetarian weening toward vegan.  Not eating meat has great environmental, healthful, and ethical* benefits.  So far I like it.  Honestly, I HATE cooking meat anyway, and now that I’m officially completely on my own with nobody else to cook for me, it’s pretty convenient that I’ve weened myself off meat.

Also, I am very excited to be headed to North Carolina in a couple of weeks.   I missed seeing my new niece Carsyn by just a couple of days (just like I missed seeing my new nephew Jackson when he was born by a couple of days.. stubborn babies! ugg!).  So I’m very excited to spend about 5 days with my mom, my brother, and his family coming soon 🙂


* As for the ethical benefits, I just want to note here that I do not think it is wrong to eat animals.  However, I do think the way most farms treat animals is very unethical.   Just because it’s ok to eat meat doesn’t mean it’s ok to torture animals.  So, absent me finding nearby ethical farms to get meat from, not eating meat is the next best thing. 🙂


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