“Monsoon Season”

I am now in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  When I was packing for this trip I thought “New Mexico? Hot.  Colorado in the summer? Lots of outdoor activities so plan for hot.  Texas? HOOOOOT.   So I packed mostly shorts and tanktops.

When I arrived in New Mexico yesterday in shorts, it was thunderstorming.  And today it’s supposed to be drizzly rain all day.  The Mom of the family said it’s “Monsoon Season” right now.  Excellent! 😉  (we’re staying with my friend’s brother’s wife and kids–the brother is currently in Afghanistan).  I think it’s still warm outside, but as an Oregon Girl, I feel like it is not appropriate to wear shorts and tanktops outside when it is raining.  I settled for shorts and a short-sleeve sweatshirt with a hood.  Hopefully I won’t regret it later and wish I’d worn a tanktop despite the rain.

The house we’re staying in is really close to the Petroglyph National Monument which I really want to check out, but we’re going to have to wait for a sunny day (hopefully tomorrow!).  From the website: “Petroglyph National Monument protects a variety of cultural and natural resources including volcanos, archeological sites and an estimated 20,000 carved images. Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and crosses; others are more complex. These images are inseparable from the cultural landscape, the spirits of the people who created, and who appreciate them.”

Today, we’re going to stick to indoor things like the Aquarium, a museum, and possibly checking out Old Town.  Many pictures to come! 🙂

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