Wow, Scattered Much?

I just realized that my last post was nearly identical to a post I made about a week ago.  CRAZY!   I’ll tell you, I still have not begun to recover from the whirlwind that was Law School + California Bar Exam.  I’m constantly mixing up my words and getting confused about directions, etc.  I probably should not operate vehicles or heavy machinery.

I also realized that a lot has happened in the past week that maybe I should mention:

– one of my best friends from the NW got married this week!  (Another one bites the dust 😉 JK!)

– I was in the wedding, Alexander came up for it, and it made for a busy, busy (but fun and exciting!)  first week after the Bar Exam.

– I went to Multnomah Falls (childhood favorite, very popular tourist attraction right outside Portland) for the first time in years this week.  For anyone who might be reading this who has not been to the Northwest (and despite the existence of Washington I primarily mean the greater Portland area), it is ABSOLUTELY a must visit, and ideally between July and September.  Gorgeous weather and so much to see and do!  It will totally sell you on living here until the rain sets in in October 😉

– On a related note to that last one, if anyone is reading this and plans to visit the Portland Area, and wants some tips on things to see/do, I’m your girl!

– I went out to eat in the Pearl more times in the past week than I probably ever have, ever. (And also learned that the term “Pearl District” was coined about 10 years ago in reference to turning the old crusty warehouses in the industrial area into restaurants, shops, and art galleries).

– I dyed my hair from bleach blonde to RED.

I would love to update with photos, but I’ve seriously got to get back to figuring out this packing situation 😉


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