Here We Go! More Travels to Come! :)

So, tomorrow morning I am leaving on a jet plane for…. Albuqurque, NM (sp?)! Technically, I don’t even know if that’s the town where I’ll be staying.  I’m meeting up with friends there for a few days, then we’re driving to their cabin in Nowhere, CO, and then at some point driving back to Houston, TX.  In Houston, I’ll get to see my little bro/wife/kids/family, and then will be flying back to L.A.  In L.A., I’ll be helping my boyfriend pack up his apartment, move everything into storage, search for an apartment for myself when I come back in November, and then we’ll be off to a wedding in Tahoe labor day weekend.

Then, I’m assuming I’ll be in Vegas for a few days before coming back to Portland and embarking on another roadtrip: Denver.  Colorado twice in one month.  Should make for some fantastic photos 😉

I’m also figuring out if/how I can pack everything I need for the next 3+ weeks in my carry-on.  I like to pack light, but I fear I may end up regretting this decision.  As a 6’4″ female, packing 3+ weeks of clothes + necessities in a small suitcase is going to be quite a feat!


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