Impulse Traveller.

So, as of about a week ago I was thinking I was most likely not going to take a trip to Europe during my four months off.  But as of yesterday, the trip is back on!  If I can iron out the details with the friend I want to go with, we will be going for 10-14 days in September (with a 3-day side trip to Greece!).

Also, as of yesterday, I am going on a New Mexico/Colorado/Texas roadtrip with some friends from law school.  I’m flying to meet them in New Mexico next week, and then we’ll drive to their family cabin in Nowhere, Colorado, and from there drive to Texas.  My brother + wife + kids will all be in Houston for wife to give birth to Baby #3, so I will get to see them before flying back to L.A. to meet up with Alexander and help him pack and move out of his apartment.

From L.A., we’re driving to Tahoe for a wedding the weekend of Labor Day.   So, I leave Portland next Thursday and won’t be back until at least September 8th.  In the meantime I have to figure out whether I want to go to Italy directly from there, or come back to Portland first.  Either way I’ll have to fly to L.A. because tickets to Europe are WAY cheaper from there!

Yay travel!


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