Taking Back My Life!!

I am updating from my iPhone right now because I’m in Portland at my mom’s house and her Internet is down. I’m waiting for the cable guy to show up right now. Once upon a time I was the only one who was practically dependent on Internet access but now the whole family is, so if there is a problem they take care of business quickly 🙂

I am now completely done with law school and (fingers crossed) completely done with the California bar exam! I won’t have results back until November 20th but I’m going to try very hard not to fret about it.

In the meantime, I have nearly four months off to do whatever I want! This is such a gift! I’ve got to figure out a good balance between enjoying this extended opportunity to relax, and taking advantage of these months as likely the last big chunk of “me” time for awhile. I’ll probably get pretty busy once work starts up so I want to visit old friends now, finally get my photobooks done, contemplate some business opportunities, maybe take up piano again, among other things.

Also, I’m strongly considering getting a dog when I move back to LA. Ive been wanting one for years but couldn’t have one. I need to start researching breeds because I will be living in a high rise apartment downtown. Lots of people have dogs there and I’ve read in multiple sources that the location is not the problem, it’s finding a dog that fits my lifestyle (ie I can’t have a dog that needs to go for a run four times per day because I will be working a lot. But I can do morning and evening walks and even come home for lunch to let him out).

Anyway, decisions, decisions. I need to go work out now. Too much (CA) bar weight = clothes do not fit right. Ugh!


2 thoughts on “Taking Back My Life!!

  1. I’m so happy for you being (*fingers crossed*) finished!

    Enjoy this time for sure. And getting a dog sounds exciting 🙂 Tip: If you get a puppy, they need to go out every 1-2 hours until they’re 3 months old and then the time increases from there.

    • As much as I would love raising a dog from puppy stage, I’m really worried about it since I have no sense of smell to know if the puppy leaves a surprise somewhere I can’t see in the open, and also since I will most likely not be getting one until I get back to L.A., I won’t have time to do the 1-2 hour thing with work 😦 You guys are so brave!! Lol I’m thinking of looking into adopting a dog that is already potty trained 🙂 I just have to figure out what breeds will be good for my lifestyle. I’m sure I can take the dog for walks in the mornings and evenings, and stop home for lunch (since I’ll be downtown near work).

      Have fun in the states!! I hope all your flights go smoothly this time and they don’t lose any of your luggage!!

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