Exciting News! More Travel!

So, I totally thought about blogging my bar exam experience, but obviously that hasn’t worked out since the bar is now less than a month away! AHH!

The exciting news is that I’m planning a trip to Europe in September! 🙂  All I know for SURE is that it will involve at least Rome and Venice.   One of my friends from law school is going to Italy with me and I may be able to persuade her to throw in another country or two 😉  Also, after she heads back to the states I would like to at least also visit my friend Bre in Berlin.   In my dream world, I would also visit Vienna, Prague, London (again), and a city or two in Scotland.  In my dream DREAM world, I would also hit up a few of the Nordic countries.  It’s so expensive and takes so long to fly over to Europe… I’d love to see a lot while I was over there since it will likely be a very long time before I get to travel again.  However, I will most likely be restricted to something like Italy, Austria, Germany.  Still, not bad 😉


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