Last, Last Day.

Today is my last, last day of school.  After 18 years of education (since kindergarten.. it would be 20 but there were two times I combined two years into one- once in grade school and once in high school), I am almost done!  Today is my 18th “last day,”  and since I currently don’t have any plans of further education, it is most likely my last last day ever! 🙂 (technically I still have 3 exams to take, but I don’t count those as “school days”) .

There are many things I’m absolutely THRILLED about with law school being over:

  • No more sitting in classes
  • No more reading boring casebooks (during 1L I loved reading for class because it was all so interesting and new.  But by this point the magic has disappeared)
  • No more law school papers
  • No more BUYING very expensive, boring casebooks
  • No more grades!
  • No more 3-hour comprehensive, closed-book exams being the basis for my entire grade!
  • No more curve!
  • No more parking battles in the law school parking lot

There are also many things I will miss about law school:

  • Learning new things
  • Socializing with people between classes
  • a lot of the people!
  • The relaxed, flexible schedule
  • How beautiful Pepp’s campus is, and the honor of getting to go to school at such a beautiful place every day
  • Krissi! (she’s moving back to Texas :()
  • Something new and different every few months (new schedule each semester, different job for summer)
  • the faculty and staff

Ok, I realize these are pretty random lists.. I didn’t sit down and think them out beforehand.  The main point is that there are things I will miss and things I won’t.  Nevertheless, I am very excited that today is my last day.  I have one, one-hour class and that’s it.  After that is study time for my 3 exams.  My last final exams!  Woohoo! 🙂


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