Ugg. Blog Update Fail!

I really, really, REALLY, (please believe me when I say really) would like to keep this blog going despite my lack of travels lately.  Maybe I can inspire myself to keep posting by occassionally talking about travel desitinations I would like to visit eventually?  I don’t know.  But I have to try something!

I’ve had a blog for years that I used to update almost daily (sometimes multiple times per day).  It’s funny because when I want to remember a specific date (ie when did my little brother get married? when did I first find out his wife was pregnant? when did Alexander and I first meet?) I can go back through my entries and find it because I blogged about pretty much everything.  Now, the past few months have gone by in somewhat of a blur and I don’t even really know what has happened!

The main thing: I did go to Portland for Spring Break, the weather was primarily bad, but I got to see a bunch of long time friends that I miss quite a bit down here in L.A.  I also got fitted for a dress for Joni (one of my BEST friends) wedding which is coming up in August, and got a completely new ‘do:

Before (in North Carolina in January):


I asked for “blonde with more layers” and I got this!

Suffice it to say, I’m in my last semester of law school.  Most likely my last semester of full-time education.  I can’t believe I’m a 3L already!  I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Check this out:  I have 15 class days left, 1 Mock Trial to do, a mediation brief + trial binder, 1 25-page paper to write, 3 written exams to take, and then I’m dooooone somewhere around May 11th.  I’m trying to get an exam moved up sooner so that I can fly out to DC to be there for a memorial service at Arlington.  Alexander’s dad was a Brigadiere (sp?) General in the Army JAG and just over 5 months after his untimely passing his family and friends will finally be able to say Goodbye (for now).  My final is currently scheduled for the day after the memorial.  I technically could make that work, but I want to be there for Alexander and his family.

Graduation is May 22nd, my Bar class starts on May 26th, and then I take the Bar Exam (3-day exam) at the end of July.  From there –> I have an offer at a firm in L.A., but it has been pushed back to November.  So I will have a lot of free time from July 30-Mid November.  I’m plotting what to do with my couple months of complete freedom courtesy of the current economy!


3 thoughts on “Ugg. Blog Update Fail!

  1. Yay for an update! I know how it feels to have updated constantly and then not write anything for a long time. I did that with my old LJ too. Without updating, I had no idea what I had been up to or when anything happened.

    Congrats on being so close to graduation. I’m itching to be done as well. I just finished my last classroom course and have two 10-page papers to write by a week from Sunday, one online class to take over the summer and my comprehensive exams to take in June (I think there’s 3 questions and I have to write 10 pages on each and we get 30 days to complete it).

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