How the West Was Won (Not Really).

This post isn’t travel related, but I just wanted to say that on Friday I won the grand prize in a raffle at school.  If I remember right, I have never won anything in a raffle! (Unlike my lucky brother who has won a big screen tv, a laptop, a Wii, etc.).

My win wasn’t nearly as cool as his, but the raffle was very specific: it was for PMBR which is a Kaplan program that helps people study for the multiple choice part of the bar exam.  The raffle was part of the annual Dodgeball tournament at my law school.  I didn’t participate in the tournament, but I did enter the raffle solely because I hadn’t had lunch yet and I’d get a free piece of pizza and a bag of other goodies (tshirt, coffee cup, etc.) if I entered.  I later found out that they announced my name as the grand prize winner of a 6-day and 3-day course (the 6-day one is early, the 3-day one is right before the bar… If I remember correctly).  Anyway, the combo package costs about $1000, so not bad 😉  Apparently the announcers at the tournament (fellow students) said “and the winner of the grand prize is… someone who really doesn’t need it… Michelle _____.”  Psh, everyone could use a little help 😉


2 thoughts on “How the West Was Won (Not Really).

  1. congratulations! that’s awesome!

    Your brother has won a big screen TV, a laptop ANd a wii all from raffles?! I need some of that mojo!

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