New York City, Sunday.

Sunday we had to be up “early” so we could get ready, get breakfast (luckily Lindsey had a starbucks right on her corner) and get over to a massage place for 11am massages with our friend Abbey.  Due to it being Sunday, and possibly because it was Superbowl Sunday, there was NO traffic.  We got a cab and were at our destination extremely quickly (and cheaply!).  There is this “no frills” massage place that Lindsey knew about where you can get amazing 60-minute massages for $60.  Apparently it’s a favorite of several celebs.  Each room (which would just be one room in a regular salon) is divided into 2-3 “rooms” by curtains.  Basically, there is only maybe a foot on all sides of the bed between the walls and curtains.  The massage was awesome, but I forgot to grab something to put my hair up with so I had wild lion hair by the time the massage was over.

Post-massage, we stopped in a diner on the corner called Moonstruck Diner for a little brunch.  It was delicious and then we were on our way walking to Central Park.  We stopped in a few shops now and then and they all had security guards which made me think of that Seinfeld episode where George gets a rocking chair for the security guard.   The shops in the village the day before didn’t have security guards for the most part.

Walking through Central Park was a lot of fun.  Oddly, one side of the park was snowy, and as we made it further in the snow was all melted and it was warm and sunny and I took my jacket off.  It was like walking through a movie montage of the seasons.  Check out the two pics below (of the snowy part, and then later of the sans-snow part):

Me in the snowy part

Me in the snowy part

Me and Abbey in the warm part!

Me and Abbey in the warm part!

At some point we tired of walking and stopped in another Starbucks to sit and chat for awhile. There were two older men sitting at a table when we walked in, and they offered us their table since they were about ready to leave and even found a third chair for us.  It was so nice! I’ve never heard of New Yorkers being particularly “nice” so it was a pleasant surprise 🙂

(I took the picture above while we were walking and the girls said that up ahead I would see the famous “plaza” that is now being turned into condos.  I didn’t catch the “plaza” reference, and thought they were referring to this square.  Thinking the square must be famous for some reason, and wondering how they were going to build condos there, I took this picture.  Turned out the girls were referring to the Plaza Hotel… which is the building on the right side of this picture.  The famous hotel, most notably to most of us from Home Alone 2 ;)).

After coffee it was time for Abbey to head home to work on a brief, and I decided since I was in NYC after all, and we had a little spare time, that I should try to see the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.  Although I’m not much of a “tourist attraction” kind of girl, I am a sucker for views, so next time I go back I hope I can actually take a ferry out to the island and look back at NYC from there.   I also saw Ground Zero since it was close by.  We got approached by a few people on the street trying to sell us photos of 9/11.  That struck me as incredibly distasteful and I am sure had 7.5 years not passed already (can you believe it’s already been 7.5 years??), there would have been a lot more vendors like that.



(In the picture above, I’m standing in Battery Park.  You can (barely) see the Statue of Liberty behind me.  It looked a lot closer than that in person though)

Ground Zero 7.5 Years Later

Ground Zero 7.5 Years Later

From there we caught a cab part of the way and walked part of the way back to Lindsey’s place, stopping at a bakery to pick up half a dozen “Black and White” cookies for me to bring back for Alexander.  I would have bought more but that’s all they had!  Back at Lindsey’s place, we ordered dinner in and hung out for a little while before I had to leave.  I took an adorable short video of her dog playing soccer that I need to figure out how to upload.

When I left, I had my first experience with trying to hail a cab by myself.  It sucked.  The seasoned pros of NYC kept jumping out and stealing cabs from me.  Finally, as I was realizing that not only was I freezing but I was going to end up missing my flight if I didn’t catch a cab soon, I ran frantically out into traffic violent waving my box full of cookies in the air, and a cab 3 lanes over saw me and signaled that he saw me and for me to come over to him.   This other couple who showed up out of nowhere tried to get in the cab and he told them no and pointed to me trying to get across the street. Phew!  I was so grateful!   Somehow in the process I also got muddy water all down one of my legs. Lol.  So I had to walk around the airport dirty for the night.

Luckily I did catch a cab when I did, because when I arrived at the airport it turned out my flight was 30 minutes sooner than I thought it was.  I got to my gate 5 minutes before boarding started!


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