Malibu Coastline Anxiety.

You may have noticed that I recently changed the photo in the header at the top.  The current picture is a picture of part of Malibu’s coastline taken from the Malibu Pier.  It’s a photo I took a few weeks ago when my mom and older brother were in town.  Pictures of the Malibu coastline used to make me think “ahh, for a little while I get to live in paradise.”  Now, pictures of Malibu fill me with a bit of anxiety.  I’ve got a “been there, done that” feeling with regard to Malibu.  I’ve caught the travel bug baaaaad.  I just want to get out and see somewhere new!

I am a lucky girl, because last weekend I got to go to NYC and this coming weekend I’m headed to another new place: North Carolina.   Additionally, I’ll be headed back to Portland in March, and headed to Arlington, VA in May.  However, I still feel like I just can’t get enough.   I need a job that requires world travel, pronto! 😉


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