New York City, First Night.

So, I’ve already covered my first experience in NYC –> getting majorly ripped off by an unregistered cab.  If you didn’t read my last post, read it!  Don’t use unregistered cabs!

Oh, and as a side note, I was over 2 hours late getting into NYC because my flight had technical problems.  We ended up sitting on the plane for that entire delay.  Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) I had bought a book before boarding the plane, so it gave me something to do.  The book turned out to be incredibly depressing, and I would have rather not read it, but at least it helped the time pass, I guess.

(If you would like to read a book/see a movie about three couples who have essentially fallen out of love with each other in the 1950s, have multiple affairs, contemplate abortions and then ultimately the main female character dies from giving herself an abortion at home to get back at her husband, pick up Revolutionary Road.)

On to New York!

One of my favorite things about cities are the skylines at night.  I love seeing skyscrapers all lit up, and the NYC skyline seems to go on forever since there are multiple parts of it.  And my rip-off cab driver, who I have named PT (since I didn’t get his name) gave me a great explanation of the different parts of NYC, and where “the Village” was in comparison to the other parts.  (The Village is where my friend lives who I was visiting).

After I made it to her (fantastic) apartment, and vented about my cabbie experience, we were off to Little Italy for dinner.  We had dinner at a cute italian place (although I didn’t get the name), and I was wise enough to turn down the photographer who offered to take our picture.  (Alexander and I said yes once at a steakhouse in Vegas and were surprised with a $$$ bill).  I figured one rip off was enough for the day 😉

After eating, we walked back to Lindsey’s apartment.  We intended to stop in other places, but I was freezing and felt a little dirty from traveling all day, and as it turned out Lindsey wasn’t feeling well, so we just walked back to her place.  The whole time I just kept thinking about how crazy it was that I was walking around in New. York. City.

One of the really interesting things about NYC is the way they stack cars in parking lots.  I forgot to get a picture of it, but they put a car up on a lift (like at a mechanic shop) and then park another car underneath the lift.  Basically, they make small parking lots into makeshift parking structures.  I can’t imagine trying to drive/own a car in NYC.

Which brings me to another driving point–apparently driving in lanes is discretionary and not mandatory?  Cars just kind of weave around each other and drive in the middle and whatnot.  We were definitely not in a lane more often than we were in lanes while we were in cabs in NYC.


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