Another “Hotel”…

I’m currently staying in my 4th hotel in about a month.  First- the Radisson at LAX when my flight to Vegas got cancelled; Second- the Courtyard Marriott in Clackamas when my mom and I couldn’t get her car up the hill to her house after I finally made it to Portland; Third- the Hilton Garden Inn in Calabasas when we made it to Calabasas at 3:30am after driving since about noon.  All of these hotels were very nice, spacious and clean– a very refreshing change from my flat in London.

But now here I am at the “Good Night Inn” which is much more affordable than those other hotels (although this time I’m not actually paying), but it’s your typical affordable/right off the highway hotel.  Very small, bare minimum, the kind of motel that usually makes me wonder about the cleanliness although it is actually very clean.   I got spoiled there for a little bit with those other hotels.  I forgot what “under $100/night” hotels are like 😉

On the bright side, if anyone wants to come down for my graduation, this hotel is a lot cheaper than other malibu-area hotels!  Right now the rate is $64+tax/night.  Memorial Day weekend (which happens to be the weekend of my graduation) it is $78+tax which comes out to $84/night.  That’s the rate for the room with two queens which I imagine must be bigger than the room I’m in (one queen).   It’s right around the corner from my apartment, and just about an 8 mile drive through the canyon to Pepperdine’s campus 🙂


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