Let the Travels Continue!

So.. I’m back in California for school which may make “travel blog” seem inappropriate.  However, I already have the following trips booked!

The last weekend of January: NYC!

February- Valentine’s Day Weekend (coincidental timing):  North Carolina to visit my bro + wife + niece + nephew because my mom will be there as well.

March- going back to Portland for at least part of my Spring Break! 🙂

In April, I will most likely be making another trip to the East Coast, although that trip won’t be for “fun,”  it will be for General Ritchie’s memorial service at Arlington (no confirmed date yet, but the last word was sometime in April).


3 thoughts on “Let the Travels Continue!

  1. Hey!! That would be so fun! I’m going to visit two girls I worked with over the summer. I’ll be there Friday night (I think I get in around 4:45ish?) and then flying out Sunday at 8pm. Send me your number in a message on Facebook and I’ll send you mine and then hopefully we can work something out!

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