Wild, Wild Weather and Other Developments.

With some further delays, I did finally make it back to Portland around 4pm on Christmas Day… one week and one day after I had originally planned to be back in town.  Crazy!

When we got back, I was determined to get my mom up her hill to her house.  Sadly, her car (formerly my car… a 2-door Nissan 200sx) just isn’t the right car to try to climb a hill over mounds of snow!  It has a really low, sporty bumper on the front that makes it get stuck on just a couple of inches 😉  But I was out there, in the dark, in my $$$ Paris boots with a shovel I borrowed from my dad, trying to shovel the driveway so she could get in.  I was so determined, but I was also so tired, and after quite a few attempts and much spinning of Mom’s wheels, we finally gave up.  We went to a nearby hotel and ended up spending the next two nights there.

Finally, on Saturday night, the snow melted enough so that we were able to get home.   But then I got sick that night, and spent Sunday sleeping in between puking all day 😦   What a week!

Monday started to look up–I finally got in for a hair appointment so my hair is no longer washed out and semi-green looking, and I got a new car!  I am now the very thankful owner of a 2008 Ford Edge.  It feels so good to finally FIT in the car I own!  I’ve been running random errands the rest of the week and having fun driving it around 🙂

And now… this morning we woke up to SNOW ON THE GROUND AGAIN.  At a little after 4am I was outside with my mom trying to help her scrape the snow off her car so she could get to work. Brr!  And there is crazy flooding all over town from all the rain and snow melt from last week.  They keep talking on the weather channel about how the NW “just can’t catch a break.”  Serioooously.  I just need Mother Nature to chill out next weekend, because I’ll be driving the 967 miles from Clackamas to my new home in Calabasas next Thursday or Friday.  Snow and/or flooding could cause some problems with that, even with my all-wheel-drive SUV 😉


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