Snow and Ice, Oh My Part II.

So, my flight to Vegas last Thursday was a success, but my flight out to Portland was not!  I was originally scheduled to fly home that Friday night (the next night), but I was really worried about the winter storm so I switched my ticket to Monday.  I followed the weather really closely, and although almost all flights were canceled on Sunday, Monday I woke up to news that flights were going out.  I added a flight alert to my phone, packed my bags, and headed to the airport.   Getting my bags checked and getting through security was smooth going, but then as I was waiting at my gate, overhearing everyone’s travel horror stories from the weekend, the dreaded announcement came over the loud speaker: flight 711 to Portland was canceled.

Although they told us to stay seated until they figured out what was going to happen, I saw some people getting in line so I got up and got in line too–it was lucky that I did because even though I was maybe #10 in line, it took over an hour and a half to get to the front of the line and get my ticket rescheduled for Christmas Day (that was the soonest they could confirm a flight).  Then, I had to go back to the ticket counter and wait for another hour to get my bags back.  Again, I was very lucky to be one of the people at the front of the line!

Timing was perfect because when I called Alexander to tell him my flight was canceled, he was on his way to an appointment across town and said he’d be back to get me but I might have to wait a little while.  My second bag came back right as he called to let me know he was there.

I tried to call to get on an earlier flight, but Southwest said I would have to pay the difference to switch my flight again. I had asked to be scheduled on the earliest flight out on Christmas Day, and the woman at the counter put me on the 10am flight.  Then, I found out there was a direct flight leaving at 9am, so I wanted to get on that one.  I think they should just switch me.  They’re the ones who said I couldn’t get a flight out until later, and then started offering flights sooner! Let me leave sooner!  The amount I’d have to pay extra isn’t a big deal, but I fear that flight might ultimately get canceled and then I’d be out more money and still waiting for the later flight anyway.  However, the risk of the later flight is that there is a layover.   So that means I could get to Northern California, and then the second leg of my flight could be canceled.  I have no idea which option is the “worst of two evils.”

Anyway, at this point I’m sticking with the slightly later flight.  It’s not a bad deal being “stuck” here in Vegas because I have a big, cozy guest room to myself with Cable and Internet, and no ice on the roads 😉

Hopefully, my flight will take off as planned tomorrow and “I’ll be home for Christmas.” 🙂

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