Snow, and Ice, and Cold Weather, Oh My.

My 9:25 flight turned out to be a success. I headed to the airport at about 6:30am because I know Southwest is always a ZOO at LAX, and I figured it would be worse given all the displaced passengers due to Vegas shutting down the night before. Boy was I right!  I heard this was the first time in 30 years the Vegas airport was shut down due to weather.  They just don’t have the equipment to put up with this stuff!

Rather than try to take the shuttle again with so many bags, I got a van cab, and luckily had a very helpful, sweet cab driver that helped me load up luggage carts and push them up on the curb to wait in line. After the curbside check-in, the line just to show your ID to get through to the next part where you go through security was out the door, up the sidewalk, and all the way to Terminal 2! From there, they sent us upstairs to a different security area that took forever. All in all, it took me about 2 hours to get my bags checked and get through security. But amazingly, I wasn’t stressed or annoyed at all because I had plenty of extra time and honestly I was just relieved to be on a flight and to no longer be alone lugging around those super heavy bags!

My flight ended up being delayed about an hour, and then once we were on the flight we waited for awhile for more stranded passengers to fill the empty seats. Right after the last two passengers got on and filled the empty seats, a man started flipping out and yelling at one of the flight attendants for “lying to him” by saying we were going to leave at 10:15 and at this point it was 10:45. Long story short, it escalated into a huge ordeal where the flight attendants opened the door after it had been closed, called security, kicked the guy off the plane, and his wife of 40+ years refused to get off the plane with him and claimed they were officially separated due to this incident. In the end, I think everyone’s nerves were just shot from all the delays and stress, and they let the man back on with his wife and he calmed down, and we were finally able to take off.

In Vegas, all of the bags made it (I was so afraid I was going to lose another one!).

Now, I was supposed to go home to Portland on Friday night (last night), but due to the snow/ice I’m very worried about being stranded somewhere again, and also my mom has been staying at my grandparents house and its pretty tight quarters. So at this point I’m better off just staying here in Vegas where there is plenty of room for me and all the snow has melted. Right now I have a ticket home on Monday, so we’ll see how the weather goes.


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