Thanksgiving, London Style.

Last Thursday, as I’ve already mentioned, we had a regular day of classes. That might make sense given that we are in London, and England doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (why not?) 😉 However, I am also at an American school (the London campus is just an extension of Pepperdine University in Malibu). But honestly, being in class on Thanksgiving in LONDON is not something one should be sad about. There is a lot to be thankful for 🙂

After a full day of classes, one of the guys who live in my building (20+ of the approximately 40 students here live in my building!) had a little pre-dinner gathering so Alexander and I went back to Bayswater for that. Then we all walked back to campus for the Campus Thanksgiving Dinner. Since it was dark, and Hyde Park closes at dark, we had to walk around via Embassy Row (Road?). I’d never been down that street before, and honestly I always just thought it was a bunch of mansions lining the park. Turns out they are all embassies which now explains the security guards and the “No Photography” sign when you enter the street. (Before, I was always wondering why the rich people didn’t want anyone taking photos…).

The dinner was actually at the “Senior Common Room” of Imperial College. They had the football game up on a big screen, and it was set up really nice. The food wasn’t quite to American Thanksgiving standards, but it was good, it was free of charge, and overall it was a good night.

I do have a couple of pictures but I’ll have to wait to post them because I don’t have my cord with me!


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