Mooting Complete!

So, we completed our final moot, but sadly there are no pictures because pictures weren’t allowed.  It was very different from the style we are used to: there was only one judge (in our moots there are usually 3), and the judge sat really high up almost on a throne.  Usually in these types of things, you get your “roadmap” out (basically what your main points are going to be) and then start getting battered with questions.  However, when there is only one judge, and that judge happens to be a “cold” judge (cold in the sense of not asking questions) it creates a very different dynamic.  Instead of the normal conversational feel of mooting, you are just presenting a speech.  And of course, expecting the conversation rather than the speech, I did not prepare a speech.  That caused me to fumble a little, but overall we did very well and so did our competitors. They won by a narrow margin, but it really was close.  I think all 4 of us did very well.

As soon as it was over, however, that insane overwhelming feeling of complete exhaustion hit me again.  Even with lots of sleep I’m just so exhausted these days.  But, I do have comfort in the fact that all I have to do now is study for my 3 finals (and attend classes for two more weeks).  It’s really odd… but I do have to go to a full day of classes next Thursday (Thanksgiving).  However, the school put together a big dinner at a separate venue for all of the law students and undergraduates, free of cost to us so that will be nice.  We will still get a full, regular Thanksgiving meal, even if we do miss out on the usual relaxation/napping/football watching/family time/etc.   Of course, I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving 1L or 2L year either (LAX is too crazy Thanksgiving weekend, and really it’s a time to buckle down and start preparing for finals which are just around the corner so most people don’t leave the law school).

I hope everyone who does get to celebrate a regular Thanksgiving has a fabulous time in the U.S.A. 🙂  Although I have absolutely loved my time in Europe, I am very excited to be returning home on December 17th 🙂  (And PS Dad–I have shot glasses for you from almost every country I’ve visited ;)).


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