Tonight- British Mooting Round 2

Tonight is the final round of my experience in British Mooting (oral argument).  Alexander and I are a team, representing the “Respondent” in an appeal before the House of Lords which is the highest court here.  Our opponents are young Barristers (their form of lawyers) from Middle Temple.  I forgot to bring my camera with me, but hopefully Alexander can get his so I can have pictures!

This weekend (we have 4 day weekends here) will be spent madly attempting to get my outlines for my 3 classes up to date (1 is 1 month behind, 2 are 2 months behind).  I am trying to tell myself that if I can get it all caught up this weekend, I will reward myself with downloading Season 11 of America’s Next Top Model from ITUNES 🙂

I will also try to update this weekend on the rest of my Amsterdam trip, and my trip to Atlanta.  Still no word from my interview, but as soon as I know I’ll be sure to share!


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