Yes I Love Technology!

Sometimes I get frustrated when technology fails me, but much more often than not technology is a huge help! Two examples:

1) When video-conferencing wouldn’t work this week (due to security issues), I was able to use a web-cam and the internet to SKYPE with a federal circuit judge (from London to the USA).

2) Today I used Google Satellite to find a particular neighborhood in Paris where I knew the shopping was, and then used Google Street View to walk down the street and find the shoe store where I bought a pair of boots a couple of months ago.  I couldn’t remember the name, and a friend of mine who is also tall is in Paris right now looking for shoes and wanted to know where I got mine.  There was a bus in front of the store, but the awning showed and I remembered what it looked like.  SUCCESS!

So, thanks to technology I was able to have a “face-to-face” interview with a judge from across an ocean, and thanks to technology I was able to walk down the streets of Paris from my Atlanta, Georgia hotel room.  Awesome!

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