Dear Atlanta Airport Authority, You Need an Overhaul. Pronto.

My flight back to the USA was rather uneventful, although I was awake for the entire 9.5 hours.  However, what greeted me at the Atlanta airport really sucked.  I had the *brilliant* idea to check a suitcase and box of stuff belonging to me and Alexander and ship the stuff to our respective parents from Atlanta rather than shipping from London (which would be a lot more expensive).  However, had I not decided to check those bags, I would have saved myself all kinds of trouble.

You see, Atlanta has this *awesome* process where you have to go through passport control, then wait FOREVER to pick up your bags (which is only prolonged when the thing breaks down and you eventually have to track down the proper person to come dig all the suitcases out one by one), then you go through customs, then you have to RE-CHECK your bags (how does that make sense??), then you have to go through security (take your shoes off, take your laptop and liquids out, etc.), then you take a train to another terminal, and then you have to wait to pick up your bags AGAIN.  However, due to the delay for most of the bags from my flight, London was no longer on the boards so we had no idea which baggage claim (of 9) to wait at and our bags were nowhere to be found, and any airport employee to assist was nowhere to be found as well.

I hate waiting for checked bags even once, which is why I always do everything in my power to not check any bags on any trip I go on.  It makes it so much worse when you have to wait for the bags TWICE, and have multiple problems with both of those waiting times. Ah!

The good news I am now in an American hotel room, with my laptop plugged into a regular power outlet, and I am watching my long lost love HGTV!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dear Atlanta Airport Authority, You Need an Overhaul. Pronto.

  1. Atlanta airport sucks, but the picking up your bags, going through customs then rechecking your bags is standard in all US airports for international flights. It’s a lame customs thing.

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