Barcelona Day 2.

The next morning, Sunday, we had a confusing 45 minutes or so trying to figure out what time it was when we woke up. Our hotel room didn’t have any clocks, and as it turned out, the time change had occurred but nobody had warned us. Thank you for eventually solving the mystery. It made our heads hurt when we were trying to figure out how both of our watches could possibly be two hours off when Daylight Savings wasn’t for another week. As it turns out, Europe stuck with the old plan back in 2007 when the U.S. started bumping it a week. So that means for one week all the time zones are screwed up due to the U.S.’s energy saving plan. Good times 😉

After we figured it out, we walked down to Plaza Espanyol because we really wanted to see the “magic fountain.” As it turned out, the magic fountain was not on while we were there, but to our surprise there were escalators all the way up to the top of “magic mountain” so we didn’t have to walk! This was especially amazing because it was really hot that day, and we did not have shorts or sandals with us so we were roasting in our jeans and sneakers.  (I’m not complaining though.. the warmth and sunshine was a nice break from the arctic chill of the rest of Europe lately!).  At the top there were several museums and a fabulous view point where we soaked in the great view of Barcelona and then walked over to the Olympic Stadium (Barcelona hosted the Olympics in ’92!).

Me on the Magic Mountain

Me on the "Magic Mountain"

The Olympic Stadium/Village was hosting a huge family event the day we were there. Lots of parents and small children everywhere and all kinds of activities and stages with performances. Basically, we were the only people there that were not there with children. Hopefully we didn’t look too weird. (What are two girls in their twenties doing at a kid convention?) . Unrelated to the thousands of people everywhere for the kid convention, it was a very crazy feeling walking into the Olympic stadium. Now, in 1992 I was too young to really understand or care about the Olympics, but I still felt a wave of emotion as I walked down the stairs. 16 years ago that place was filled with people from around the world—top athletes and spectators—and medals were won and lost in that stadium. People achieved their lifetime dreams on the floor of that stadium (which we were able to walk on!). Perhaps I’m just a big sappy, sentimental person but Becky was pretty moved by it all too.

Olympic Stadium Inside!

Olympic Stadium Inside!

On a less sappy note, they had a big stage with performances down on the floor, which included flamenco dancing, Brazilian battle dancing, and this group which I can only describe as the Spanish version of the Wiggles (3 grown men singing kids songs and bouncing around all enthusiastically). At one point one of them ran off the stage and ran through the crowd.. aaaaaand he totally smacked my butt as he ran by me. I actually found it amusing because it was so random and weird because this was a kids event, but technically… extremely inappropriate!

Battle Dancing!

Battle Dancing!

From there we headed out of Olympic Stadium and walked down to Poble Espanyol which is basically a replica of what old spanish villages used to be like. You have to pay to get in, but then it’s just like a little town in there–lots of shops and restaurants and cool little alleys, and great views of Barcelona. The shops all sell handmade crafts, usually made by the people working there. We saw a man making glass bulls, and it was so cool I was sucked into buying a few. We also saw people making leather goods, jewelry and guitars. I really wanted to buy a guitar (handmade guitar from spain? AMAZING!) but (1) they were pretty expensive; (2) I had no way to get it home safely; and (3) I don’t know how to play guitar! They were really cool though. Becky and I did a little shopping and took a lot of photos before heading back to our hotel (we walked all the way back home).

Lunch at Poble Espanyol

Lunch at Poble Espanyol

Making Glass Bulls in Poble Espanyol

Making Glass Bulls in Poble Espanyol

Our plan was to get home, freshen up, and go back out to explore the city at night but we were both so exhausted from all of the walking (and the heat, and we were a little sunburned, particularly me) so we ended up getting a Pizza from the Pizza Hut around the corner from our hotel and staying in for the night.

For more pictures of this second day, click here, and here.

(the second album also has pics of our last morning in Barcelona, which I will add later)

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