Minor Whirlwind.

So, it’s going to be awhile before I can ever update on my adventures in Barcelona with Becky two weekends ago, or my adventures in “Den Haag” (the Hague) and Amsterdam this past weekend.  In fact, by the time I am finally able to catch my blog up on my visits to those places, I will most likely have also added a trip to Atlanta (yes, Georgia, USA) to the list of travels to recap.

Through a series of (exciting!) events that have all transpired rather quickly, I have been given the opportunity to interview with a circuit court judge for a possible 1-year clerkship immediately following law school.  Since this all started right before I was leaving town for the Netherlands, I spent a few hours at Heathrow crazily trying to get my application out, and then spent insane amounts of money on internet access throughout the Netherlands over the weekend trying to be available if the judge tried to contact me.  Sure enough, 5 minutes after the last time I checked my email in Den Haag, the judge emailed me.  3 hours later when I finally received the email after working out internet access at my hotel in Amsterdam, it was already closing time for the court but I informed them I’d be available at their earliest convenience for a video conference.

Fast forward to Monday–today–and I have been sitting in the library at the Pepperdine House essentially tied to the computer.  The fact that I’m out of the country monumentally complicates things, and while it is an incredibly trying experience on my end trying to deal with these technical difficulties, I am also very honored that the court would continue to consider me despite these difficulties. 

Anyway, I will do my best to keep my faithful readers here posted, but at the moment my time is primarily consumed with reading opinions by the judge and catching myself up on the Eleventh Circuit.  If this doesn’t work out, I’ll be right in the same spot I was last week which was a perfectly good spot to be.  However, if it does work out, it will be amazing!


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